Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sarah's Plot Puzzle: Roots of Genre romance Plots?

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I was skimming through Ronald B. Tobias’s famous book, 20 Master Plots, the other day when I had an idea. Just for fun, I decided to try matching ‘Classic’ romance plots with Tobias’s non-romance ‘Masters’ from which they may have evolved.

Check out for a summary list of Tobias’s Master Plots. Here are the match-ups I made.

Romance Plot--------------------Master Plot
Secret_Baby----------------------Discovery Plot
Woman-in-Jeopardy------------Pursuit/Rescue/Escape Plots
Mystery-----------------------------Riddle Plot
Vampire/Shape-Shifter---------Metamorphosis Plot
Romantic_Triangle--------------Rivalry/Underdog Plot
Reunion/Second Chance--------Discovery Plot
Treasure_Hunt--------------------Quest/Adventure Plot

Do my match-ups make sense to you? Try it; it’s a fun and enlightening way to learn more about plot. Can you come up with more matches?


Sarah Raplee said...

I am in awe, Sarah. You amaze this generic-pantser.

Judith Ashley

Paty Jager said...

Fun post Sarah! Your matches make sense to me.

Sarah Raplee said...

Thanks for commenting, Judith (on my laptop, eyes glassed over) and Paty. :)

Genene Valleau said...

I have the 20 Master Plots book tucked away somewhere! Hadn't thought of comparing them with classic romance plots. Sounds like you had fun doing this. :)

Sarah Raplee said...

Yes, Genene, I did have fun! And reading about plot elements in Tobias's book might serve as a trigger for some great ways to handle a romance plot.