Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I moved from Lawyer to Logger... That's how my mind works

Current Project: Cleaning up
Status: Last polish of Spirit of the Sky, formatting Perfectly Good Nanny for kindle, and deciding what to do with two already written stories.

The next book I'll tackle is the last Halsey brother book. Hank's story- Lawyer in Petticoats. Though I've been thinking that title may change. Since I couldn't make the storyline work for that title I'm thinking of changing it to Logger in Petticoats.

I still need to research and see how I can make a conflict between Hank and a logging outfit that of course the heroine's family will own/run.

But doing the plotting I can see her perhaps joining in a 4th of July logging contest and perhaps beating the hero... There are some things that agility is needed over brawn.

And I think it would mean a road trip to a logging museum. Yes.. I see that in the future, too.

This is how my stewing and brewing process begins. Changing the title has given me a new perspective on his story and makes me eager to get started. Time to hit the library and start researching. Hmmm.. Shall I keep the heroine I originally slated for this story?

Gallagher McConnell has a full head of chestnut hair, fiery temper, quick mind, full body that's muscular. She is constantly proving to the world she belongs in her family's profession. At times her twin brother, Grayson, teases her she should act like a woman or she'll end up a spinster. But for now she isn't interested in a family, she's set on becoming a partner in the logging business.

And that is the beginning of brainstorming my next book.

Are you this sporadic in thoughts? Do you start with ideas and slowly merge them into something on paper or do you start write away jotting them down and making charts?


Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Paty! "Logger in Petticoats" is definitely an intriguing title and concept. The initial image in my head when I think of a logger is a big, muscular male because of all the physical labor involved. How fun to turn this stereotype on its ear!

I haven't really thought about my "stewing and brewing" process much. I tend to put my thoughts down on paper fairly quickly so I don't forget them--but they are always flexible and open to change if something better occurs to me.

Just last week I rearranged some of the major events in my nine-book series because things weren't fitting easily together. As I dug deeper into the villain's motivations, a better series of events emerged that flowed much smoother.

Your last book of the Halsey brothers series sounds like another interesting one!

Paty Jager said...

Genene, I know, it kind of conjures up a hairy, brawny man in a red plaid shirt and white bloomers. ;)

That's great you had an aha moment that makes your books better. Those are the moments I enjoy when writing.

Sarah Raplee said...

Paty, I 'stew and brew' about the next book(s) for a long time while working on my current WIP. I have six buns in the oven (aka file drawer)! LOL

When I'm ready to start on the next book, I take a couple of weeks to do research and them I'm off!

Paty Jager said...

LOL Sarah, and I thought I had too many ideas floating in my head!