Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Progress Check-In

This is the Mid-Willamette Valley RWA's weekly check-in.  Every Monday we encourage members and visitors to let us know how their writing is going.

Today is Monday, April 18, 2011.

Are you on track to reach your goals?

There are 257 days left in 2011.

Weekly Calculations:
If you write 1 page per day, you can write 64250 more words by the end of the year.
If you write 2 pages per day, you can write 128500 more words by the end of the year.
If you write 3 pages per day, you can write 192750 more words by the end of the year.
If you write 4 pages per day, you can write 257000 more words by the end of the year.
If you write 5 pages per day, you can write 321250 more words by the end of the year.

So how are you doing?  If you have gotten off track, this is the week you can regain your momentum.  Tell us how you're doing, and set a fresh goal for the upcoming week.  A page a day is a book in a year.  You can do it!

PRIZES:  The best prize is reaching your personal goal and finishing your book.  But if you need an extra little incentive, remember:  any chapter member who reaches her personal goal by the end of the year receives a prize at the year-end party.  Non-members can win, too.  Non-members who show up for at least 20 weekly check-ins will have their names entered in a drawing for a gift card from Powells, the world's largest independent bookstore.


Genene Valleau said...

Hi, all!

I'm still editing the first book of my nine-book series, so word count doesn't really reflect my progress at this point. Over the last few weeks, I've dumped in over 30,000 words in scenes that were already written, but probably half of those words will go away by the time the editing is done. Sounds impressive at first, but then I'd be checking in to say my weekly "progress" is minus 15,000 words. LOL! Definitely not impressive. :)

To measure my progress, I've switched to tracking the number of hours each day I'm working on my series. My goal is six hours a day until I finish edits, then I'll return to tracking words when I start working on the other books again.

Hope all of you have a productive writing week!

Paty Jager said...

I had a relaxing weekend for a change and now I'm playing catch up!

I lost track of my word count last week, but I'm pretty sure I didn't make my goal. I know I made at least 5-7000 but I'm not positive. I'm at 65,000+ total at the moment. My goal is 75k to 80k for this first draft. I know when I go through with my revisions and edits I'll be adding to it. But this last bit will take longer because I have a trip planned for the first week of May to go to the Nez Perce museum in Spaulding ID. I can't really finish until after that trip. But then I'll be in high gear because I promised my editor it would be in her inbox by mid-May!

Way to keep plugging away at the series, Genene!

Genene Valleau said...

Glad you got a relaxing weekend, Paty! Though it sounds like you are still smokin' on the book. Your trip to the Nez Perce Museum sounds nice. The Native American museums I've visited have such great energy--like stepping into another time.