Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Social Networking

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I attended a workshop titled Author Marketing 101 by C.Morgan Kennedy & Therese Patrick. These ladies both have jobs in marketing and they had some great information.

I liked how they straightened things out for me. One being that marketing isn't expensive because it's a plan and not a product. It's planning how you're getting the word out about your product(books) then using free and low cost means to do it.

They also explained you don't need a "platform" you need a marketing plan. There is a difference.

Using social media is only effective if your potential readers are in your networks.

The differences between media and marketing are: Media is the tool you use to get the word out about your product and marketing is the content. The words, colors, graphics on your banner, website, blog that makes the customer interested in your product.

And you know that old verbiage "Branding"? They call it The Author Persona- which is you only enhanced to reflect the type of book you write. They held up two of Nora Roberts books one was a romance and the other from her J.D. Robb series. Look at the picture of her on the backs of the books. A softer, friendlier looking Nora is on the romance and a tough, scowling Nora on the back of the J.D. Robb book. These are her two "author personas". We were told to have a photo taken that reflects the tone/image of your books and use that as your author photo on all your social media.

They had exercises to help us find and create our author persona. (Here are two of them)

For your persona write a brief description of the type of stories that you write:
Tone of your stories
The look of your world
The feelings you want to convey

What images an colors come to mind?
List 3-5 images and colors that you would use on a banner, website, or blog to project your persons.

Then they said to have separate facebook accounts. One that is the author persona for your readers and a different one for your family and friends. I had a little bit of trouble with this. Only because my family and friends are readers and I like to keep them updated without having to post twice. I think I'll keep my fb the way it is and just make sure my posts aren't personal. I guess??

And they reiterated what I heard at the Emerald City conference make a book signing an event. Use a banner to show who you are and have it follow all the colors and logos that you use on your blog and website.

I learned a whole lot more. C. Morgan and Therese are putting together a book and they will have a website up and running soon with all this information and more.


Sarah Raplee said...

Paty, you did a great job covering this workshop! I love the way Cheryl and Mary clarified confusing terms and gave us tools for discovering our own 'Persona'. Thanks!

Sarah Raplee said...

I thought about my post last Thursday about identifying niche audiences, and I think Mary and Cheryl's approach will really help with this.

Thanks again for posting about the workshop. I was there, but dead tired and foggy. Your post reminded me how great the workshop was!

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Sarah. I just briefly touched on what C. Morgan and Therese said. I was tired, too, but the information was so good I held my eyes open and listened as best I could. LOL I agree they clarified many terms for me and made me look at my "marketing" in a new light. I've been working on a banner for the May 14th The Book Breeze event at Jan's Books.

Genene Valleau said...

Thank you for this overview, Paty!

I like the "marketing isn't expensive" statement. Come up with a plan and get the word out for free or very little money. Very appealing!

Also like the me "enhanced." Does that mean airbrushing my photo? LOL!

Great exercise too. It's already given me some ideas.

Am looking forward to the book and Web site these ladies are putting together!

Paty Jager said...

Genene, you do need to get a hold of their info when they get it out. It is easy to understand and makes a lot more sense than other workshops I've gone to.

I need to work on the getting connected with people who buy my books.

Genene Valleau said...

Another thank you, Paty...

This post triggered an awesome idea for a video teaser for my upcoming series. It will only be about six slides, but they will be great ones. :)

Been pulling potential photos and putting together slides before the idea falls out of my head.

Unfortunately, I don't plan to put them on my Web site until next January, but hey--they will be ready. :)