Thursday, April 14, 2011


Current Project: Nine-book LEGACY series
Status: Almost halfway there!

Paty's promotion efforts always amaze me--and make me tired just thinking about them. Guess that means I need to take a different approach to planning promotion. :)

I'm at that planning stage now.

My nine-book series is scheduled to start releasing in March 2012 from Rogue Phoenix Press, with a new book in the series every two months after that.

My main objective will be to reach new audiences. How? you ask. That's the question I'm exploring--and not coming up with any solid answers!

A couple things I do have planned is a revamp of my Web site and graphics to go with my novels: still shots, fade-in and fade-out teasers, maps, facts on the characters, perhaps some videos--all tied with the story.

Will I go so far as to make these graphic novels? I'm not sure yet. However, I think graphic novels (books with pictures, video, sound and more) will become more and more common.

However, that still leaves the question of how to reach a broader audience. I like forming alliances with other authors to promote each others' books. (Kind of like the new Romancing the Genre blog that Sarah and Paty will be part of starting in May.)

I also plan to beef up my author's page on Amazon and take advantage of other promotional opportunities offered by online book sellers. And I'll post videos on YouTube.

I will also search for groups that might be interested in the topics of my books: an overarching theme of blending birth and adoptive families plus the hobbies and careers of each of the characters in the books.

This will be different than anything I've done before, because it will be an unfolding promotion through July 2013, when the ninth book of the series is scheduled for release. I may check myself into an asylum after that. :)

Like Paty, I'm interested in what intrigues you enough to buy a book. Because you know the author? Or have read and enjoyed her books in the past? What interests you enough to try a new author? The cover, the back cover blurb, an excerpt, a review, the recommendation of a friend?

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Paty Jager said...


You are going to be a promotion machine when the 9 books start popping out!

You have such cool ideas that you have the technological brain to do. I've been trying to figure out a youtube or book trailer for the spirit books. I'm hoping after I visit the Nez Perce museum I can come away with some images and music from there that I can incorporate.

I tend to try an author if someone I respect says they have good books and if I like them I read all I can get my hands on.