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The Mid-Willamette Valley chapter of the Romance Writers of America will be offering several fabulous online workshops this year. 

We have an intriguing new workshop scheduled for May:

Deep Story: What Does Nora Roberts Know That You Don't?
May 2-27, 2011 (4 weeks - $25 non-MWV-RWA Members)
Instructor: Carol Hughes

What do Nora Roberts, Stephen King, George Lucas (STAR WARS), Stephen Spielberg (E.T.), Terry Russo (SHREK/PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), and James Cameron (TITANIC/AVATAR) know about writing that makes them the mega stars that they are? How are they able to turn out the constant string of stories that they do while you are barely able to struggle to the final page of your current WIP? Why did TITANIC and AVATAR each gross over $1 BILLION in ticket sales in only a matter of weeks? Are you interested in learning the secret techniques that each of these mega stars has in common? It's not as hard as you think - not if you know the simple-to-master writing secrets that they know and haven't shared with you.

Seasoned pro or beginning writer, pansters or plotter - it doesn't make any difference. You already know that writing takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, talent and a hearty dose of luck. Without the necessary writing tools to craft your wonderful story ideas into a finished work that people want to buy, all the hard work, talent, luck and perseverance in the world is useless without a solid, well-crafted story full of multi-dimensional characters to make your story come alive for every reader - or movie-goer. Do you know what the 18 scenes are that every story contains, no matter its length or genre? Do you know what impact your character's mental gender has upon readers? Do you even know what your character's mental gender is? Do you know how your character's arc drives your story? Or how your story drives your character's arc? Do you know the quick and easy way to create heart stopping dilemmas for your characters that drive your readers wild? Do you know what the 4 throughlines of every story are? Do you know how to weave them together?

Every successful story contains characters that come alive for the reader. Every successful story is build on a solid, easy-to master, story structure that works every single time. Every successful story lives on in the hearts and minds of readers because their authors have mastered the simple secrets needed to turn them into writing super stars. And you can, too. Join us and give Nora Roberts something to worry about.

Instructor Bio: 
From Oscar's Annual Bash to Cannes' glitzy Red Carpet. From fabled palaces to rat-infested tunnels. From the floor of the Coral Sea to the vacuum of space. From the rain slicked streets of midnight Paris to the bombed out streets of Beirut at high noon. Writer Carol Hughes has lived and written about sights, adventures and characters that have dazzled audiences, and raised more than a few eyebrows, around the world. Dashing Alpha males, deadly killers, fictional red-haired mermaids, and celluloid heroes - she's known them all. She's navigated the killer-infested back alleys of Europe's grandest cities and the shark-infested corridors of Hollywood's studios - and picked up enough secrets and tips to make living - and writing - an adventure in itself.

Our own members get to take these workshops for FREE (if you've been waffling about joining the chapter, this is a great incentive!).

Space is filling quickly.  Don't miss out on this great workshop.  Nonmembers can sign up at our web site:

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