Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeling a bit like Genene

Current Project: April Fools Anthology
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Who the heck am I?

This is a very good exercise in thought. Whether or not it results in increased sales remains to be seen. But everything and anything positive towards marketing yourself as an author, has got to be a good thing. I love the thought of my being a "highland lass".

So what would I look like?

I definitely have the right colors. Anyone who has been to the highlands would know that deep blues and greens are the colors there. But the highlands are not my only calling. I think the five westerns fit me to a tee. I feel a kinship with this time period as well as the Scottish past. Why is that? I don't know.

I started a regency series. The connection to this period is not as strong. I have always loved reading books in this time period. I love the gaming hells and the parties. But I know that the men treated the women poorly. It always takes a great alpha hero to make a book in this time period work.

So much food for thought. I love the way this blog is going.

My youngest daughter is home from New York City for ten days, so I am cutting this short.

How do you represent yourself?

What is your color?


Paty Jager said...

Those colors would work with the westerns, too. Maybe a cowboy in a kilt?? ;)

And you could dress how you like with a soft edge around it to kind of make you look like you time travel.

Paty Jager said...

I'm western and I'm working on new colors. I'm thinking denim blue.

Genene Valleau said...

Paty, you are good at this! And denim blue would be perfect for Westerns.

I was thinking of the time travel thing for Chris also. After all, the time machine showed up in the St. Patrick's release. Since you've also written futuristic stories, this would all fit!

As for my colors, I love a rainbow of colors. The colors currently on my Web site are dark, rich blues and maroons with splashes of turquoise or magenta. I like those "jewel tone" colors, but I also like pastel shades like lavender, cornflower blue, and sage green.

OK, having too much fun with this. Better get to my "to do" list for the day. Chris, enjoy the visit with your daughter!

Christine Young said...

LOL, I love the idea of a cowboy in a kilt. Interesting picture. My colors on my blog are a royal blue. I'm going to keep that. Thinking about the rest of it.

Sarah Raplee said...

Chris, I've tried orange, black, and red because my stories have suspense plots and a breezy voice.

But I'm designing my website now, and I think I'll go with softer, mistier colors. After asking a few editors at the RCRW Spring Intensive, I've finally decided I write light paranormal stories more than anything.

I'll be surprised if my upcoming Steampunk venture turns out dark! And it DOES have paranormal elements.

I'm planning to use jewelery and accessories to skew my'look' towards whatever book I'm promoting.

This is an interesting discussion. :)