Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Current Project:Spirit of the Sky
Status: midway

The lengthening days and bright green tips of plants poking out of the warming earth are my favorite things about spring.

The early morning sun peeking out and spreading a fresh glow through my bedroom window before the alarm goes off makes waking easier. Six o'clock comes early enough, but when it's in the dark during the winter I have to drag myself out of bed. Yet, come summer time when it's light at five a.m., I can get up before six and head out to change the irrigation water with a light heart and spring in my step. The sun hanging lazy in the sky past dinner, allows more time to putter around the yard, sprucing things up for the new spring arrivals.

The first signs of spring; the Mountain Bluebird fluttering around the fields and the flowers peeking through the mulch lighten my mood. The bright green of Daffodil stems pushing out from their winter hiding flashes hope that winter was a fleeting thing and the land will soon be alive with color. The new buds on the barberry bushes and the maroon shoots of the peony all add to the colorful palate nature reveals after coating the land in shades of gray and white all winter.

Are you getting itchy for spring reading this? Then my job is done. Happy setting!

Paty Jager


Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Paty!

Consider your job done for me! On the western side of the mountains, I've had daffodils and crocus blooming for several weeks. All along my front fence by the sidewalk as well as in pots around my yard. And my star magnolia tree is blooming--though decidedly getting battered by the wind and rain we've had the past few days. I decided it was spring when we had our sunny weather in January and February, but I pretty much do that every year.

Still don't roll out of bed early, though. My doggies and me sleep in every morning if we can.

Glad you're getting spring on your side of the mountains too!

Paty Jager said...

Hi Genene,

We don't have any flowers here yet. I'm desperately wishing we did. I'm wanting some color in my life.

Sarah Raplee said...

What a timely post! Job well-done!

I realized spring was really springing around here yesterday when I noticed the plum trees have burst into what looks like pink fuzz.

Now that you've inspired me to look more closely, I see that purple and yellow crocuses bunch along the edge of the front flower bed, along with a couple of purple hyacinths I transplanted last Easter. I miss the nightly call of the owls that winter over in the woods next to us, but the returning songbirds and humminbirds are a joy.

Thank you for dragging me out of my writer's cave.