Friday, March 18, 2011


Current Project: April Fools Novella
Status:First sentence written
Spring break…
Ten weeks one and one half days until…
The big R!!!!!

I've been looking on the blog trying to get an idea but my mind still seemed a bit brain dead until this morning. Of course if I were a normal person, I would be sleeping in but I'm not. Instead I'm lying in bed writing my April Fools novella and thinking about my blog.

It's an epiphany! Well maybe not but I did get an idea for both in progress pieces.

Walking down the street eyes glued to her touch phone… How many times, as an editor, a reader, and an author have I read this? What a horrific thought—eyes glued to something? Whoa…hold on for dear life. What about—her eyes flew across the room? Were they ripped from their sockets? Did they sprout wings? Did they shoot there as if they were blown from a cannon? Or did they dance lazily, dipping and soaring on the air currents?

Hmmm. Is this food for thought? Maybe not. What crazy things have you read? Can you add to my short list? Since I now have an "almost" opening sentence, I need to get back to work before my mind retires again. Happy writing and to all of you out there who have a spring break…Enjoy!


Paty Jager said...

LOL- Chris!

I'm reading three chapters for something I volunteered for and just last night I read- "His eyes swept the parking lot" OUCH!!

Another one I've read and try not to do. "Her hand flew in the air."

Genene Valleau said...

Definitely LOL, Chris! My grandson got a chuckle out of the images these words evoked also.

No examples come to mind right now, but this is one of the edits I do even when I'm writing a draft. Perhaps because of the silly images that come to mind at the though of body parts flying around rooms--or across parking lots--on their own.

Thanks for the chuckle!

Christine Young said...

Lol, I wasn't really thinking funny this morning when I wrote this, but I'm certainly happy that it gave both of you a chuckle. Maybe I could write humor. Definitely not.