Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goal Setting

Current Project: April Fools Day Anthology
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Goal Setting

I have always been an avid goal setter. Yet in setting my goal each day, I would strive not to meet it but to do more. I am highly successful with this method. Even today, when I am editing a book, I will strive to read X number of pages and then will try to edit one more and then again one more. Most of the time I finish ahead of schedule.

I welcome this month of goal setting and focusing. I have been mulling over in my head thoughts of writing once again. An April Fools shorty looms in my head. I have pondered what gimmick to use for this intrepid story. What joke? What ploy? How can I make this interesting without a cliché? So how many words a week do I want to write? Hmmm…. I think I will go with a mini outline first. What you say? Chris is outlining? Yes, I have begun outlining each scene. And my characters—who will they turn out to be. I must begin…

Thank you MVRWA for helping me find my way back to my beloved writing. I had pretty much written it all off, at least until this summer. But why wait? Why enable? I can make excuses forever but when I have time to play Cityville, I must have time to write.


My apologies ladies. I scheduled this post, wrote it last Sunday. I checked on the edit post pages and was sure I saw that it was listed. But I never had a chance to check the blog until today and to my sorrow, my post was not there. I will strive to do better. "?Can't figure out what went wrong!"

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Paty Jager said...

Chris, I've learned if you don't at least keep writing a little each day you do "give up".

Here's an April Fool for you. This actually happened to my husband and I.

We received in the mail, without a note or anything one silk rose and nestled in the bud was a plastic baby. It came from our son-in-law. I called my daughter. "Did your husband send a rose to us by mistake?"
"No," she said. "Did you see what's in side?"
"A plastic baby."
She sighed. "Mother. we're having a baby." That's how I found out about our second grandchild on April Fools.