Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Current Project: Spirit of the Sky Status: Starting Chapter two

My only resolution this year is to remain focused. I tend to traipse around not only with my writing genres but promotion and even things in my non-writing life. I have half started quilts, scarves, afghans... I get a new idea and I move on without finishing what I've started.

The same has been true of my writing. I didn't get results with historical westerns, so I wrote a contemporary western. I hear they are looking for historical paranormal, I write a historical paranormal but not a one time book--I come up with a trilogy. Then I get the bug to write an ongoing historical western romance series. Then I write a contemporary action adventure romance series. Now I have one more book in the trilogy to finish, the last book for the Halsey brother series, and then when the series get picked up, I have three more of each of those to write. And that doesn't include the two projects sitting at Harlequin which could bring in more writing options.

This is why my resolution for 2011 is being focused. I'm starting with writing the third book in the spirit trilogy, then the last book of the Halsey series (except that in coming up with the heroine I've added a twin brother who may need a book). Then I hope to be able to write more short stories for Harlequin Undones and have an agent who is clamoring for more books of the series.

So another form of focus for me is getting an agent who believes in my series and gets it in front of an editor who likes it.

But right now...I'm focusing on the release of my second contemporary western romance, Bridled Heart. See-I can't stay focused!

What is your focus this year?

Paty Jager


Paty Jager said...

This is the response I was going to leave for you but I can't remember my password! Good blog...
Alice(I posted this for Alice, she sent it to me directly)

Paty -- Happy New Year. Yikes, you make me dizzy. I understand you wanting to stay focused -- it is important -- but it's also nice to have so many ideas and possibilities. One thing getting an agent will do for you is help you pare down all the different ideas and genres and focus on the most marketable ones. I hope that dream agent is right around the corner. He or she certainly won't to complain that you lack drive!

I am focusing on finishing this series (running a little behind on book 2) then coming up with an exciting idea for the next. We'll see.

Glad to see you guys have restarted the blog. I've missed you all.

Paty Jager said...


It's good to be back blogging here and I look forward to hearing your comments. Thanks for stopping in!

I agree, I'm hoping an agent will help me focus!

I wondered where you were on your writing.

Barbara Cool Lee said...

Good post, Paty. I think it's great you have so many ideas. It is hard trying to focus on only one series/subgenre, especially when (in your case) you keep selling all the different series. I think if you're productive enough to produce all these different styles, it's neat to be able to try all of them and see how the market responds.

I tend to have the same problem with focus, but I'm not as prolific as you, so it's really *not* working for me to do too many different things. I've really got to pare down my projects to a manageable number!

I agree with Alice that an agent might help you identify the most market-friendly directions to focus on.

(And it's great to see you here, Alice!)

Sarah Raplee said...

I, too, need to focus this year! I love your writing, Paty, so I'm glad you're so prolific. :)

I feel overwhelmed by the thought of inputting the rest of my first novel (handwritten due to circumstances, but prize-winning with editor interest) into the computer, then revising it. If it was no good, I'd shove it in a drawer, but it seems to have merit. Also need to finish the last few thousand words of second novel and become PRO. And I'm dying to start a Steampunk YA. *SIGH*

any advice?

Deborah Wright said...

Timely post for me, Paty. Only my problem with focus has been different than yours -- not being able to follow a single story through to "The End." That's my goal for this year -- and where I'm determined to focus. :-)

*waves @ Alice* Good to see you!

Paty Jager said...

Barb, you'll get prolific as you get more time to write and focus.

Another of my focus is I'm doing e-mails and promo in the mornings and writing in the afternoon with no internet.

Paty Jager said...

Sarah, Thanks. I'm glad you like my writing.

A for advice, if you have someone interested in a book that is in long hand, sit down and get it in the computer. And as you're inputting you will get editing it as you go. Then when that's done get on with the Steampunk YA idea. And in between start jotting down the ideas for the Steampunk.

Paty Jager said...

Deborah, I think we all need some sort of focus, it's knowing where to point it at.

Genene Valleau said...

Hey, Paty! Wanted to leave a proper comment to your blog post.

I agree with other comments offering kudos to you for all your hard work and determination in writing and promotion. Your energy and enthusiasm are awesome!

It will be exciting to see what subgenre skyrockets you to bestsellerdom as you narrow your focus. And good luck with that agent search!

(By the way, Alice, it's wonderful to see your comments on the blog. :)