Saturday, July 31, 2010


How's everyone doing?

I'm about sixty pages from the end, soon entering the phase affectionately called, "Oh, no, there's not enough time to wrap this up properly," which as you all know comes directly after the phase, "There's not enough substance here to fill all these pages," and is followed by that all time favorite, "I have to cut something!"

Shout out to Eli who tonight will attend the RWA awards ceremony where she is up for two RITAs and Kendra who is up for the GH in romantic suspense. Best of luck, you guys! You're already winners to us!


Genene Valleau said...

Hooray for you, Alice, for being so close to the end!

It was another slow writing week for me, though I did start out well. Push time this week as I wrap up the novella.

Hope everyone has a productive week, and good luck to Elisabeth and Kendra!

Paty Jager said...

Way to push onward, Alice.

I know the feeling, Genene. I spent the first part of the week staining the outside of the house so I managed to do very little writing. I'm in Princeton and yesterday I wrote about 5000 words on the WIP which felt really good. The night I arrived at the cabin I wrote a short story for a contest. Today I wrote six blog posts for my blog tour the week of the 8th to promote the release of Spirit of the Mountain on Friday the 13th!

Monday I'm judging 4-H exhibits at Ontario, then I hustle home to leave on a caravan to Alaska, helping our daughter move back to Kodiak. But when my hubby drives I'll be writing! That's the goal since we'll be driving 10 hours a day.

And yes, my fingers are crossed for Eli and Kendra!