Saturday, July 03, 2010

Current Project:Wyoming Book Series
Status:Page 160

Happy July, everyone, and happy FOURTH OF JULY to America.

How is the Write Everyday thing going for you guys? I can honestly say I have written everyday. I can't honestly say it moved me along real fast as I changed things mid stream and ended up rewriting great gobs of stuff. But that's how this process works, at least for me. I have to admit, as I am beating myself over the head trying to get this thing straight, that the thought of a synopsis making the writing of a book dull or too easy makes me laugh and not in a cute way. With all my careful plotting, I still made wrong turns and decisions and the figuring out who knows what when and who reveals it to other people is always challenging. Plus, I forgot the Labrador Retriever for a whole day and came close to forgetting there was a dead guy in the shop. Ack!

It's back to the blizzard for me. Been in the snow so long it kind of surprises me when I look outside and see green tress and kind of sunny weather. Hope your week was a good one and find time to check in and tell us about it.


Genene Valleau said...

Happy 4th of July to you also, Alice!

Yes, I did write every day this past week, in spite of some of those "life interruptis" events. I haven't done today's writing yet, but will after I post this.

You may need your blizzard this coming week--a couple people have told me the weather forecasters are predicting some high temperatures to come.

Hope everyone else had a productive week!

Paty Jager said...

Hi Alice, your blizzards sounds like fun!

This week was not a write every day week for me. Well, unless you count all the blogging I did this week on my blog tour. But I am moving forward. After my company leaves and I head back to Princeton, I hope to rack up the word count.

Congrats, Genene, on writing every day.

Alice Sharpe said...

Genene -- I've been chilled so much this spring as the weather stayed cool that I was looking forward to hot weather -- until the one day we had it a week or so ago. It's going to come with a bang and give me something new to whine about.

Good for you on the writing!!!

Alice Sharpe said...

Paty -- As a matter of fact, as far as I'm concerned, promoting is "writing". It's part of the business. So kudos to you!

Katie said...

Wait, a dead guy in YOUR shop... or a dead guy in the shop in your book?

I'm really hoping it's the latter...


(Do you see how I just avoided confessing that I didn't have time to write this week? Pretty smooth, huh? I thought so, too.)