Saturday, July 31, 2010


How's everyone doing?

I'm about sixty pages from the end, soon entering the phase affectionately called, "Oh, no, there's not enough time to wrap this up properly," which as you all know comes directly after the phase, "There's not enough substance here to fill all these pages," and is followed by that all time favorite, "I have to cut something!"

Shout out to Eli who tonight will attend the RWA awards ceremony where she is up for two RITAs and Kendra who is up for the GH in romantic suspense. Best of luck, you guys! You're already winners to us!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Current Project: series Status:page 185

Hey everyone. The wedding was charming -- back to work on Tuesday. The page count reflects only fifteen pages this week but it is a lot more meaningful than that to me as I've finally reached the end of a section that was very hard to write. Some of it will undoubtedly be cut in the end, but for now, it's there on paper, so to say, and that's a good feeling. Did I write everyday? No. I took off three days for the wedding, but that's okay.

In the last book I wrote I warned myself to start the ending way earlier than usual so I wouldn't feel so rushed. It worked well for me and it's my plan to do that again with this book. Today will see the start of the next to last big push and as the characters have been apart for some time and have a lot to say to each other, I'm looking forward to some rousing dialogue.

How did you do? Did you write every day? Like me, did you completely abandon it only to return reinvigorated? I really wanted to take yesterday off so I got up early and got my pages in before noon -- that meant the afternoon was free and without guilt. If I don't figure out ways to do that, then I spend all the time I'm away feeling antsy and bad that I'm not home working or at least sitting there ready to work should lightening strike. Creating an afternoon escape as a carrot worked beautifully.

Goal today five or six pages, maybe more. Goal tomorrow, ditto. Repeat for the week. I hope you remember to check in and tell us how you're doing.

Friday, July 09, 2010


Current Project:BOok one Wyoming
Status: Page 170

This will be early and short as I am attending our son's wedding this weekend.

I wrote every day but not a lot of forward progress as I was busy playing with the pieces of my puzzle, trying to get them in the right order. Finally satisfied they're okay now so next week ought to see more pages.

How did you do? Heat get you down?

Do tell!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Current Project:Wyoming Book Series
Status:Page 160

Happy July, everyone, and happy FOURTH OF JULY to America.

How is the Write Everyday thing going for you guys? I can honestly say I have written everyday. I can't honestly say it moved me along real fast as I changed things mid stream and ended up rewriting great gobs of stuff. But that's how this process works, at least for me. I have to admit, as I am beating myself over the head trying to get this thing straight, that the thought of a synopsis making the writing of a book dull or too easy makes me laugh and not in a cute way. With all my careful plotting, I still made wrong turns and decisions and the figuring out who knows what when and who reveals it to other people is always challenging. Plus, I forgot the Labrador Retriever for a whole day and came close to forgetting there was a dead guy in the shop. Ack!

It's back to the blizzard for me. Been in the snow so long it kind of surprises me when I look outside and see green tress and kind of sunny weather. Hope your week was a good one and find time to check in and tell us about it.