Sunday, June 27, 2010


Status: BOOK ONE, pg. 142

A week ago, I set into motion the beginning of our summer blog hiatus. I was burned out when it came to presenting monthly ideas that didn't sound recirculated. It turned out almost all the contributors felt the same way so for the past week, our blog has, to paraphrase Debbie's comment, had tumbleweeds blowing down the deserted streets.

But a funny thing happened: I was writing every single day without any buddies to share the joy (and the pain). LONELY. Hey, if I have to write and meet deadlines, I don't see why you shouldn't either, so here is my challenge -- WRITE EVERY DAY THIS SUMMER. If you've written five days in a row, than spend a few minutes on the two down days to catch up on writing related projects.

Many of us have external deadlines. The right to have these comes when we've pushed ourselves into that professional space. If you are still on your way to that point, the habits and attitudes you acquire now will be fundamental in helping you with your career.

WRITE EVERY DAY. Write on your book, write on your ideas, write a sentence, write a chapter. Act like a writer and you will be a writer. It takes guts and determination to push for something you want when sometimes the carrot seems to be a mile in front of you. Every journey begins with a step. I dare you to keep taking those steps. If you're under an external deadline, than challenge yourself to try something different as you write. A technique. A style. Switch something up that pushes you and keeps you engaged. Even the act of reformatting my chapters into smaller units has changed the way this current book is unfolding and that's interesting to me and makes the challenge all the more fulfilling.

WRITE EVERY DAY THIS SUMMER. I think if you do you may find that the process is far more stimulating to your creativity than not writing ever can be.

Besides, I need company!

Check back here every weekend and we'll keep each other motivated, keep each other up to date, keep each other honest. We can each do it. Rah-rah-rah!!!


Deborah Wright said...

Hi Alice! :-)

I accept your challenge! And I'm relieved not to be traveling this road alone this summer. :-)

Genene Valleau said...

I agree--rah, rah, rah!

I need/want to make some major progress on my stories this summer, and this sounds like a great way to keep that rolling!

As I figured, didn't have much time to write because of other commitments this past week. However, the coming week and the rest of the summer, I plan to meet the challenge of writing something every day.

Thanks, Alice!

Alice Sharpe said...

O, happy days, Debbie, I'm glad you desire company in your process because that means you're committed to it and every single one of us wants to read this book you're working on.

Glad you accepted the challenge!

Alice Sharpe said...

Genene -- Life does get in the way and summer means more distractions than ever. That said, I know you'll get a lot accomplished and I am frankly relieved we'll be keeping in touch! Welcome aboard the Summer Challenge, destination: The End.

Paty Jager said...

I'm in. And I hit 40K on my WIP this week. I also sent out Pinkerton to five more agents and entered the first 20 pages of the WIP in a contest.

I'm in Princeton will be until Tueusday then Wednesday company starts hitting my house for a family reunion, at yes, our house.

I hope to spend the next two days while I'm here getting farther along on my WIP. Oh,and Ive been having a blast on my blog tour which continues for another week. If you haven't been popping in to the blogs I've been sending to the loop that's okay but you have been missing out on some good stuff.

I wondered where everyone was when I kept checking the blog all week.

Alice Sharpe said...

Yea, Paty, welcome aboard.

I used to write like you do now -- as many pages as time would allow me to create. But I've changed the last year or so -- the pace is less a raging river than a steady flow. Well, kind of steady...

I envy the way you do it. I need the distractions and interruptions or at least that's what I tell myself!

Hopee you have a great writing week and a wonderful reunion.

Katie said...

YEAH! Write everyday!!!

This is already my goal (not that I've been very good about it) so I need you gals to give me some accountability.

So, challenge accepted! XD

Alice Sharpe said...

Katie -- as of 10:13 this a.m., your name is on the list (that sounds ominous, doesn't it?)

It's a good list!

Welcome. (What are you working on?)