Saturday, May 29, 2010


Current Project: New Project!
Status: Shiny!

I started a new project last week. It all started, as a lot of my ideas do, from a brief flash of a scene I had in my head just before I dropped off to sleep one night. It really was a flash — a 2-line conversation between two men on horseback. It stuck with me, though, because I woke up the next morning wondering who they were and what happened to bring them to that place and circumstance.

I was just fooling around; I didn't know it would be the start of a new project. I couldn't stop thinking about them. I thought about them when I went shopping and cleaned the house. I thought about them when I drove the car to Lake Oswego for a three hour career assessment class (and I thought about them during the class!). I realized they weren't who I thought at first and their story wasn't the obvious one I'd thought it was, either. And when other characters started showing up, I realized I might just have something worth getting excited about.

Right now I'm in what I call my "cautiously excited" phase. I've got a rough idea of the beginning of the story—maybe the first two to three chapters—and I know where I think it's heading, at least for now. As soon as I've finished meeting the characters and figuring out their names, I plan to dive right in and start writing.

I feel like I imagine Dorothy must have when she stepped from her sepia-toned world into the glorious technicolor of Oz. I didn't know that my world was becoming gray and washed out. Everything feels more alive and vivid at the moment and I can't wait to get started.

How'd your week go? Tells us your good news and share your troubles. We're all interested, and speaking from experience—it really does help!


Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Debbie! I was talking to my neighbor this evening about shiny new projects--but we were talking about yard projects rather than writing projects. Hope this one stays bright and shiny for you through The End. :)

I had a good writing week in spite of a couple urgent incidents and some just plain weird experiences. I worked on my nine-book series timeline nearly every day, which resulted in some new ideas for the stories as well as more detailed scene outlines. I plan to do more yet tonight on the fifth story. This process isn't like any other story I've written. It's very interesting!

I hope everyone has a good writing week!

Alice Sharpe said...

Congrats on the bright and shiny idea, Debbie. I love those. I had one this week, too. Mine was a kidnapped girl who suddenly found something --- I am cautiously putting the idea aside because I got me a boatload of books to write first, but it's neat to have an idea sitting out there (or in there) waiting for me.

I am having a little trouble re-engaging with my characters but that's to be expected and I assume will soon be history. Just today they are finally coming alive and scenes are unfolding again. Sometimes you just have to weather the down times.

And Genene!!! Honey, I am part cat, curiosity is my biggest fault, you simply cannot allude to "just plain weird experiences) without telling me what they were!!!! Have pity!!!!

Fingers crossed, Debbie, that even if some of the gloss wears off your idea, enough glimmer will remain to keep pulling you on!

Paty Jager said...

I tried twice yesterday when we were driving back from Princeton to leave a comment, hopefully it will work today!

Debbie congrats on the "shiny new". I hope the feeling remains until you write "The End".

Genene, you are amazing with all your work on the series.

Alice, always having a shiny new as a carrot in front of me keeps the momentum going when I write.

Ahhh, my week... well the not turning on the internet until I write 2000 words worked all week, until edits came on Bridled Heart. I finished the edits and then went back to the no internet and it worked well and I'll continue to do it this week, but I had to get online this morning to send off the last installment of a month long diary I've been keeping for Farm and Ranch magazine. As soon as I finish this comment, the internet is back off. I have writing to get done before my company that will be her all week arrives.

Genene Valleau said...

LOL, Alice! "Weird" may not have been too broad a description, but everything just seemed to happen all in the same day. Dangerous day to be out in traffic with people making less-than-wise decisions; people walking who seemed to want to stand behind my car when I wanted to back up--and not moving; neighbor kids and their skateboards in the streets; my son having a really bad pain in his side so I took him to the ER; my dog having seizures and ending up at the vet' just seemed to be one thing after another after another. I just wanted to be home with the doors locked and hide away from the world, but the world was peering in my windows and knocking at my door!

Fortunately, all seemed to settle down after a couple days and return to what passes for "normal" in my life. Perhaps it was a misalignment of the sun, moon and stars?? But definitely weird that so many out-of-the-ordinary things happened in the same day. Or maybe the Universe offering me some ideas for my romantic comedy novella!

Paty, I love your idea of not turning on the Internet until you've hit your writing goal. It's easy to spend an hour or two or three with e-mail, blogs and such. I think I need to follow your example. :)