Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm going to Disney World!

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So how incredible is it that RWA managed to move the conference to Orlando with three months notice?

My first indication of an issue with Nashville arrived via an email cancellation of my hotel reservation at the Opryland Hotel. What? Flooding in Nashville? (I hadn't watched the news in several days) And they're canceling a reservation for three months away?? My next thought was, "What on earth will RWA do??"

The locations for Nationals are decided upon years in advance. Careful planning, budgeting, visits, meetings, analysis...Can you imagine the amount of work that goes into organizing a conference for 2000 people? And poof. Location gone. My hat is off to the wonderworkers who took charge and solved the issue within days. I'm proud to say I didn't pester a single RWA staffer with a phone call or email, because I'm positive they were bombarded with the same questions over and over. I'm also thankful I hadn't purchased my plane ticket. I've been hearing horror stories on some of the loops about attempts to get flights changed without penalty, but I think a majority of fliers eventually worked something out with the airlines.

I've never been to Orlando, and I'm excited to visit a new city. How can you go wrong with Walt Disney World? I love the excuse to travel. Next year New York...the next Los Angeles.
If you could plan an RWA conference, what city would you choose? Somewhere you'd never been? Or do you know of a place that'd be fabulous? I've never spent time in Chicago or in Texas, I'd like an excuse to visit.
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Paty Jager said...

Kendra, your website is very suspenseful! I like it! And nice pics of you.

i think it's a tribute to the hardworking people of RWA National that the conference was moves to quickly and from our standpoint effortlessly. I'm sure that's not how it felt to those taking care of the problem.

I'm saving my pennies so I can attend next year in NY. I'm hoping my daughters can come after the conference and we can spend some time taking in a play or two and just getting the NY experience. And If I'm in NY I'll have to pop over to Rochester and see my CP I've never met face to face in ten years.

A trip to Texas is in our future since my sister-in-law and her husband just moved deeper into the state.

Genene Valleau said...

Nice Web site, Kendra!

I was also very impressed with how quickly RWA National found an alternative site for the conference. I thought about sending an e-mail with kudos and decided they would probably be deluged (no pun intended) with e-mails and instead relayed my "good job" words to one of the board members.

A dream site for RWA National? A private tropical island where we would have the entire island to ourselves, except for all the wonderful service staff to make things run smoothly. Ah, I can imagine the sun and sand now. :)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I LOVE your website, Kendra! GORGEOUS!!! (Just like you.)

I'm with you. I have nothing but admiration for the RWA staff getting the conference location changed so quickly. As for where I'd like to see a conference...I hear they used to hold them in Hawaii. That would be fun. ;) I'm not sure. I think it would be cool if they had one in the PNW...seems like htey hold them in the south all the time.