Thursday, May 27, 2010

Current Project: TEMPTED
Revising - due next week!

Sorry my post is late today. My son's last day of preschool was this morning and they had a picnic/party for the kids, which the parents were all invited to. Because I have a book due next week that I'm not done with yet (ack!), this post is going to be rather short.

It's almost summer - I can barely believe it. My husband asked me the other day how much time I was taking off after I turn in TEMPTED, which is due June 1. I said, "Huh? Time off?" My agent is waiting for a proposal I'm only one chapter into. My novella is due September 1 and I haven't started it. And my next book is due December 1 (and I haven't started that yet either. Who has time for time off? We have a few things planned this summer but for the most part, I'll be working. I just signed the kids up for a camp, have another two camps they'll be doing as well. My goal is to keep them busy so I can stay busy.

Do you take time off from writing over the summer? And have anything big planned for the warm months - vacations, activities, etc? If so, I'll live vicariously through you.


Chris said...

ELisabeth - I'n heading out to Reno mid-June, but you can not only live vicariously through me, you can live through my character, too!

I'm going to be experimenting with a Twitter-story about Georgie and her best pal Sue going to Reno, where they (naturally) get involved in a mystery. Georgie has her own Twitter ID as @sinktrap, and the posts will stream to the webpage, where I posted info about the trip.

So come play with us on #Rd2Reno! If you send me a snailmail addy, Georgie will even send you a postcard!!

Alice Sharpe said...

Eli -- Your schedule makes my eyes cross. I've got a slew of deadlines, too. Three books means two more proposals and all the edits and art sheets, etc. After not working for several months, working is good. At least my brain says it's good. The rest of me is still out to lunch.

As you know, the new books are moving from Montana to Wyoming which means road trip! If all goes well, we'll head out for Wyoming in a week or two and check out locales. Can't quite see placing three books in places I've never really been.

And speaking of vicarious living -- can I come along (virtually) on your Rita whirlwind tour of Florida in July???

Genene Valleau said...

Sorry I can't help, Eli! I never learned to vacation properly. But since I love all the things I do (for the most part), work doesn't actually seem like work.

Chris, sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your Georgiana Neverall series! Great idea to Twitter as your character. Maybe I'd find that easier than Twittering as myself. :)

Alice, so glad to hear the excitement about your new series. Have fun on your road trip!

Emma Jay said...

Your summer sounds like mine, but at least I won't be teaching. I have 2 sets of edits, a revision request and 2 novellas. I'd love to work on a new full-length book but it may not happen.

Paty Jager said...

You have a full load this summer, Eli.

My summer mainly is going back and forth to Princeton watering, a grad party for a niece, 3 online workshops I'm giving, two book releases, two book signings, and a TV appearance. Oh, and finishing the latest WIP by the end of summer. My vacations will be judging 4-H exhibits at two fairs.

Alice have fun on the road trip. I couldn't get my dh to let me to go Guatemala to research for my book. :(

Chris, I read about Georgie and Sue's road trip. Sounds like fun!

Genene, I hear ya, vacation is everyday if you're lovin' what you're doin'.