Saturday, April 17, 2010


Good grief, it's Saturday again! I think the earth must be speeding up in its rotation, shortening the days just enough to give truth to the old saying...time flies.

Did that sound like the intro to a littany of excuses? Well...yes and no. It's true that I didn't write as much as I'd hoped this week. I did write, though not quite every day. Some of what I wrote isn't reflected in the total yet, because I wrote long hand and still have to transcribe those words to the computer. I'm quite satisfied with my progress in the past week and feel inspired for the coming week.

Last week was a week of spring cleaning, getting organized and fixing things. First, we had a new furnace and air conditioner installed. The old ones were the original units from when the house was built and were barely limping along (the AC wouldn't have made it through the summer, if it came on at all). So we decided to take advantage of tax credits and rebates and get them replaced now.

That prompted cleaning out the garage. It wasn't so much that we had a lot of stuff to get rid of (though we do have quite a pile for the junk run), but that we needed to get things organized. We cleared everything out, put up new shelves and repacked the contents of cardboard boxes into plastic bins. Whew!

I know what you're thinking. Yeah, that's lots of work, but what does it have to do with writing—other than taking up time you could have been at the computer. Well, for one, it's a chore that had to be done at some point—now it isn't looming over my head, freeing me to concentrate on writing. But I also discovered something while going through all those boxes. I came across folders I haven't looked at in years. Inside one was a stack of typewritten pages—bits of dialogue, character descriptions, and lists of plot ideas. When I say "typewritten" I really do mean "on a typewriter." I wrote those pages long before personal computers were available. I had forgotten all about them.

Memory is a funny thing. I know I've said that I've been writing for about 10 years. It's obvious that I've had writing (professionally) as a dream for a lot longer than that. I guess I put aside that dream for something "more practical." Well, I did the more practical and now I'm ready to go after that original dream. Discovering those pages I wrote so long ago was like filling up my gas tank with rocket fuel. I'm ready to go, baby! Check-in with me next Saturday and see how far I fly next week!

Time for you to share! How did your week go? Did you soar high or stall out of the starting gate? Inquiring minds want to know.


Deborah Wright said...

Making sure I get comments by email!

Paty Jager said...

Isn't it fun to see how far back you were actually preparing for this new occupation your ready to take on?

Had fun at the Reader's Luncheon today. Lindy and Julie went with me and they had a good time as well. Met some new people, sole some books, one to a person who had an Ipad at the table and she bought it in ebook right there in front of me! So cool to see her add it to her book shelf.

I wrote 3,395 words on the new project this week. There was a lot of start and stop, research then move on then take away then write. You know how the beginnings are. It takes awhile to get it just so.

Hoping to get one to two chapters written this week. We'll see.

Genene Valleau said...

Debbie, how cool that you rediscovered more fuel for your dream of writing! Congratulations!

I totally agree with you that clearing and organizing "stuff" is freeing. I spent much of the last week doing my taxes. Much of that time was organizing receipts and entering info into my business databases that I didn't do in 2009. I'm usually not that far behind, and I'm not usually an April 15th filer--but I was this year. The good news is that I'm now up to date on my databases for 2010 and starting new financial habits which will free more time for writing and other projects.

The writing I did get done last week was, once again, long-hand notes on my novella. This is a different process than I've used on previous stories. However, it's been working well. This coming week I plan some serious computer time to get all those notes into story form. :)

Paty, I also had fun at the Readers' Luncheon today. It was good to see you there. I love that someone at your table had an iPad! I'll be looking into those more closely because I think that will be an investment I'll be able to make with part of my tax refund. I just want to be sure it will do what I have in mind for my nine-book series. None of the other eReaders have piqued my interest like the iPad!

Hope everyone has a happy and productive week!

Kendra said...

Typewritten notes? That's fantastic! You have been preparing for this for a long time.

I rewrote the one scene I needed to change and started slowly searching for typos, etc. I tried to make progress on a synopsis for the third book. I realized I've never written the synopsis before a completed book. Its gonna take some serious brainstorming.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Wow, Debbie. That's great!

I actually had a good writing week. Almost 15K words and I only wrote Sun-Thurs. Friday I had a gazillion things going on and yesterday I was at the Reader's Luncheon all day. (Paty, I didn't get to see you! How did that happen?!) I'll be posting pictures on my FB page later today (hopefully) if you want to check out the fun. Jane Porter gave a great keynote address.

Today I'm finishing up (please!) page proofs for ENTWINED, so I doubt I'll get any more new writing in. Next week I need to get at least another 14K words done (my goal is 2K words per day). That deadline is creeping closer...

Katie said...

Even though I have no solid progress to show, I still wanted to give a round of "Congratulations!" to all of you for making so much progress! I love how we celebrate the little things here, because lots of little achievements add up to the big ones. ^_^ They're just as important. So nice work, ladies! You're good examples for me to follow. Thanks. :D

Also, hooray for getting things organized! That always feels sooo good. I love to rearrange and simplify and throw stuff out. I've always enjoyed it, ever since I was little (like 5). I know, I'm weird...

wavybrains said...

Congrats everyone on your victories--both little and small.

@Kendra--I really like the book "The Dreaded Synopsis" for helping with that and with laying out the bare bones of the story. Mary Buckham's materials are also a great use for that.