Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Agent Story

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Status: Halfway

This is the blog I've always wanted to write. I've been on hiatus from the blog and writing as "life" got in the way. It's still in the way, but my writing world was suddenly kicked into high gear with the announcements of the Golden Heart® nominees on March 25. I was stunned and actually cried during the call.

A few days later a reputable agent contacted me to see the full. I didn't hold my breath. I assumed she was emailing a lot of the contestants to see their work. Two days later she called to offer representation. I was stunned. I managed to call her back and carry on a coherent conversation. I did learn that when an agent says, "I'd love to work with you," it means: I'm offering representation. I didn't pick up on that...I had to outright ask, "Are you offering representation?" Oops! I liked her, but asked if I could have a week to think about it and contact some other agents who'd shown interest in my work. She agreed.
I knew exactly who I wanted to contact.

I'd first heard agent Jenn Schober of Spencerhill Associates speak on a panel at Nationals in San Fran and had made a mental note. She was the type of person I wanted to rep my work. At Nationals in DC I chose an agent appointment with her. As I stepped up to her table she said, "You smell like vanilla!"

Uh...."It's my hand lotion."

She grabbed my hands, lifted them to her nose and inhaled. I tried not to laugh. We got along great and she requested two partials. We emailed several times, and she eventually rejected but asked to see future work and revisions. When I'd originally sent the partials, I'd reminded her of the hand lotion incident and she enthusiastically replied that she remembered me.

When I emailed to ask if she'd look at my GH finalist MS, I mentioned the hand lotion. Once again she remembered me and immediately offered to read the work. She loved the manuscript. When she called, she offered to rep me. I accepted and we talked for an hour. I knew I'd made the right decision.

I'm still beaming.


Paty Jager said...

Kendra, This is your Cinderella story. All your hard work and efforts are paying off. Congrats!

Alice Sharpe said...

I love your story! I'm so happy for you that this worked out as it has. More exciting things await you around the next corner!

Angi Morgan said...

So happy for you, Kendra. Best of luck with the Golden Heart and a SALE !!


Angi Morgan said...

So happy for you, Kendra. Best of luck with the Golden Heart and a SALE !!


LizeeS said...

This is such an inspiring dream story Kendra--the kind "they" (whoever 'they' are) tell us not to count on. I'm so glad they're wrong and I'm so happy for you -- and for your GH final. Can't wait to meet you in Nashville. Way to show us how go after what we want!
Liz S.

Jillian Stone said...


Your story really is an inspiration to all of us who are still hoping to find our dream agent. Here's to a quick sale to a dream publisher!


Keli Gwyn said...

Congrats on your final and receiving an offer of representation from your Dream Agent. I love the hand lotion connection. You know just what to send her when she sells your book. :)

Kendra said...

Thanks for all the congrats, ladies. Like I said, it feels so good to write this after reading everyone else's stories for so many years!

Hope Ramsay said...


Congratulations on the new agent. How wise you were to backtrack and find the agent you really connected with. That can make all the difference.

Here' hoping you make that first sale very soon. I can tell you that getting THAT call beats the Golden Heart call by miles.

Abigail Sharpe said...

Kendra, awesome story. You've got a whole take charge thing going on here! Congratulations!

Vanessa Barneveld said...

Congratulations, Kendra! Now, that was a golden week. I've heard fabulous things about Jenn Schober.

Genene Valleau said...

Kendra, so happy for you! Can't wait for the rest of your story to unfold!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Love this, Kendra. And I am so so SO happy for you. Thanks for sharing!

Gabrielle said...

I love this story! Wishing you great things with Jenn.

Katie said...

Oh, I'm smiling for you! XD That is so exciting, and so cool! Congratulations!! You've worked hard and now you get to see some fun results! YAY!