Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break: :)

Current Project: St. Patrick's Day Anthology
Status: Chapter 7 plot points developed

I am at the point I love spring break. No kids, only my own, who are all grown up and live in their own places. Now I miss them a lot. I would love to have them at my home more often. However, I am spending the day babysitting my first grandbaby. I love babysitting but it can be very frustrating.

Dark heroes, alpha heroes, we love to hate them. The first romance I ever read was given to me by my mother-in-law. She gave me a book by Heather Graham. I fell in love with the pirate/spy. He was very dark yet I adored him. It seems to me that in the last 10 years the alpha hero has vanished.

Devil Blackmoor the hero in my second book My Angel was very Alpha. Yes, he was arrogant. But no, he never abused the love of his life. He never understood why Angela didn't see things the way he did. He was Russian royalty and she was a backwoods peasant from America. What peasant wouldn't want to be his mistress? After all he would love her while he wouldn't love his wife. His wife had to be royalty too. Angela on the other hand would never be anyone's mistress. She would be a wife or nothing at all.

I for one love the alpha/dark hero. Is he making a comeback? Or is he still replaced by the not so alpha hero. In my mind the dark hero cannot knowingly be abusive in anyway. In Devil's case he didn't understand Angela. It was unthinkable to him that she wouldn't be overjoyed to be his mistress. When he finally understood her, he did everything in his power to regain the love that had been lost between them.

So once again I will continue the question: What makes a hero irredeemable?


Paty Jager said...

Stupidity?? Too callous to care about anyone?

Alice Sharpe said...

Chris -- still not used to having anyone on a Friday!

I haven't responded to any of the dark heroes posts the last three days because I don't read them, don't write them and am not sure I understand them. They are not my thing although you bring up some interesting points when you talk about your hero who assumed certain things and learned from his assumptions.

I bet you do like spring breaks! No kinds, either on the at home end or the have-to-teach-them-end. Enjoy!

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Chris! Spring break has brought you some peace and quiet. It's brought me busy-ness as I help some friends with their pet sitting business, which has been inundated with calls as people grab the chance to get out of town while their kids are out of school. Enjoy your break!

Ah, dark or alpha heroes. I say I prefer the not-so-alpha hero. However, Chris has pointed out to me that I write alpha heroes--well, sometimes. :)

I think of them as strong heroes with traumatic pasts, and the introduction of these heroes is a scene that shows the gentleness and vulnerability beneath the day-to-day face they put on to deal with the world. A gentle hand with a child or an older person; going out of their way to save a wounded animal or standing up for a nerd--something that shows there's more to this guy than chest-pounding and ego.

"Irredeemable" is a whole 'nother list that includes cruelty and abuse. However, even that can be overcome with megadoses of atonement and soul-deep changing. Can that be shown in the 300 pages or so or a romance? Hmm...maybe. But first you have to convince me the guy is worth it long enough to keep reading. :)

So good to have you on the blog!

Katie said...

You've all hit the question on the head. Change is how we are redeemed. It's the inability to change that makes a person irredeemable. You can't be around someone if they never correct their vices and free themselves from destructive behaviors. It's too hard and they always hurt you. The willingness to change and start over is what makes a relationship possible, romantic or not. And if a hero struggles to change himself to be a better man, well, then he's redeemable, I'd say! ^_^