Saturday, March 27, 2010


Welcome to Saturday Check-in!

I'll be your host for this soiree going forward. I'd like everyone to give a big cheer of thanks for Alice. She's been maintaining the check-in with little fanfare for a long time now. Even when I didn't get time to actually, er, check-in, I was always happy to read about everyone's progress. Even a lack of progress was an inspiration to get motivated (guess I'm a glass half-full type after all). So, Thank You, Alice, for being a rock and posting 'most every Saturday! You deserve a break--though I hope you'll check-in with your own progress whenever you can.

Some of you may know that I've been going back and forth between two writing projects, trying to make a decision about which one to work on exclusively. As you can see by the graphic* at the top of the post, I've made my choice. And it isn't the one I thought it would be when I was at the writing retreat in February.

I imagine some people would think the logical choice would be the novel I've written the most words of so far. In this case, though, there's a different kind of logic at work in my head. Time away from the first project has given me a chance to see where I was going wrong and to envision a reworked (and hopefully stronger) beginning. Therefore, I'm going to concentrate my efforts on project #1 and power my way forward to the end.

Then I'll be free to go back and work on project #2. In a way, I'm a bit relieved to know I have something waiting in the wings so I'm not floundering for what to write next. I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, but I honestly feel that this is my year to finish what I've started.

Not only that, but since I've taken on the Saturday Check-in duties, I won't have an excuse to shirk reporting my progress--or lack thereof. Just a little added incentive to keep my fingers flying over my keyboard!

Your turn. Let us know how your week went! Share your good news and triumphs so we can applaud. Let us commiserate with you on your difficulties and maybe someone will have some words of wisdom that will lift your spirits. So, how'd it go?

ETA: Ooops! I forgot to add my goal for the coming week! To stay on (my own) track, I need to write a minimum of 7150 words this week. Check back next Saturday and see how I do!

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Deborah Wright said...

Just commenting so I get notifications!

Alice Sharpe said...

Hey, Debbie, I like what you've done with the place! I found the Saturday check-in to be a motivating place to report as well. As the week progressed and it got closer to the time to write the blog, I'd cringe at having to report no change. I hope you'll find it inspires you to keep track.

I heard tentatively good news from my editor on Friday. Not a sale, but notification the project will be passed along and that my editor was enjoying the story. very nice. Maybe by next weekend there will be more to say -- maybe not. Wheels grind slowly. That said, I am highly motivated to plow into chapter four post haste.

As for weeks -- who can Match Elisabeth's? Wow. Amazing stuff happened to her last week. Hat's off to you, Eli. Getting so little chapter news is like stumbling around in the dark but she's been kind enough to keep me updated.

Good first Saturday, Debbie. I'm so glad you've made the decision of which book you want to focus on. That's a big head start right there and I totally get the cozy feeling of having a project waiting for the time when you buff up THE END of your chosen project for the last time. Sometimes there's a sink hole on the other end of that but not for you!

Glad you're here and thanks for the nice things you said.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Big thanks to Alice for heading up the Saturday check-in up until now. Alice, you did a fabulous job and never failed to motivate.

And big huge thanks to Debbie for stepping up and taking over. I, too, love what you've done with the place!

My writing week was crazy. Between being gone over the weekend, then kids come for Spring Break, then all the RITA craziness and PLA conference, I didn't get as many words in as I wanted. But I'm not stressing. Next week I'll be back to the grindstone. Right now I'm just trying to enjoy the moment.

I had dinner last night with my editor at this cute little Irish pub in Portland - The Leaky Roof. We chatted for close to 3 hrs and had a really nice time. She's the type of person I would enjoy hanging out with outside of writing as we have a lot of the same tastes in movies and books, so it was great to sit and chat with her one on one without the chaos of a conference going on being us. I'm so glad she flew out for the PLA conference, and now after listening to her (and the other Dorchester staff members who were at PLA) I'm even more psyched about the release of MARKED at the end of April.

Genene Valleau said...

Let me join in the thanks to Alice for heading up the Saturday check-in so faithfully.

And many thanks to Debbie for stepping up to lend a new voice/kick in the computer to our writing goals. Glad you've focused on one project and are feeling good about that.

Alice, so glad to hear that your project has been passed along!

And, Eli, once again, wow! You've definitely had an awesome week in the writing arena. Congratulations!

My week was very busy, but mostly in areas other than writing. I spent some more time researching for my novella and came up with a key element of how the time machine in my story is going to work, so I'm feeling very upbeat about that. This coming week will allow more time for writing, so I'm looking forward to making steady progress on my St. Patrick's novella.

Hope you all have a productive week!

Deborah Wright said...

Alice, your news sounds positive. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed (when they're not typing!) that you hear you've sold this week!

Eli, fabulous things are happening for you, but it's all due to your own hard work! You're definitely an inspiration.

Deborah Wright said...

Genene, isn't it fun when details like how your time machine works come together? I'd say that was a productive week, even if you didn't do a lot of writing!

Kendra said...

Thanks for taking over, Debbie!

Alice, I thoroughly enjoyed your for sale blog. I think you found a buyer who will take nice care of our Saturdays.

I'm still in that funky gray area where life has taken over all functioning brain cells. The GH final was a nice burst of sun in that fog. I'm cleaning up that MS to send out on a full request. Feels good to sink my teeth into it.

Motivation arrives at odd moments. How come when I'm at my lowest and questioning my writing ability, something cool happens? This has occurred multiple times to me. Each time I take it as a sign to push on.

Genene Valleau said...

(((HUGS)))) to you, Kendra! Glad you are getting signs that encourage you to keep on writing.

I've been reminded a few times recently that sometimes you just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other and move forward. Then there are those bursts of sunshine (as you said) that make me feel so grateful and I know how good life is. :)

Congratulations on the request for the full manuscript!

Deborah Wright said...

Kendra, so good to see you on the blog! Congratulations on your Golden Heart final! And yay! for getting a request for the full manuscript.

It's so easy to get discouraged, isn't it? Something in the universe must not want you to quit, though. It seems like you're s-o-o-o close to breaking through. Hang in there! I just know it won't be long before I'll be going to the bookstore to buy your first book!

Katie said...

Oh man, I've got multiple manuscripts started and story ideas floating around in my poor little brain. It's been hard to put all those aside and focus on this one story with the intent of finishing it this year. I come to tough spots and want to retreat to something that will be easier. But it's only easy for a while. I have to push through the sticky parts so I can have a complete novel in my hands someday. *sigh* It's a pain, but so worth it.

Good luck everyone, and congrats on all your great successes! You all work so hard.

Alice Sharpe said...

Since my group email is still out -- even though Debbie tried to help me -- let me state here that I agree, Wavy, Chris rocks big time!

Paty Jager said...

First Thank you Alice for all those weeks you kept us checking in!

Second, Love the start of our new check in- Thanks Debbie!

I made the decision to move forward on a new adventure in writing for me. I'm posting about it tomorrow, sort of. LOL I finished the first draft of the second spirit book and it is now resting before I go back through it again.

At the moment I'm researching for the Jungle Book and trying to talk my husband into letting me to to Guatemala.

The best news this week... I'm sending you this comment from the cabin in Princeton!!! They put up another cell tower int he area and we now have phone service and limited internet.

Looks like everyone is moving along with their writing and good news for many.

wavybrains said...

Yay Debbie on picking a project and a word count! I know you can do it!

Yay Alice on good news--I hope more comes quickly!

Yay Eli on your AWESOME week!

Yay Genene on unlocking that Time Machine!

Yay Kendra on your awesome week and on finding renewed motivation!

Yay Katie on pushing forward!

Yay Paty for a new adventure!

I don't have any news, but I love cheering the rest of you on. I'm hoping to either find my missing mojo soon or to make peace with where I am (not) right now. Maybe next week I'll have a goal :)