Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Or lease or rent....
What? you ask, is for sale?
Saturday Check-In.
I'm not sure who I bought it from so ownership issues are a little hazy. I doubt you could float a loan on this "real estate" so lets keep it cash under the table, okay?

Wait. maybe I didn't buy it, maybe I just appropriated it. Maybe I stole it! Paty will know, let's ask Paty. Maybe I steamrolled right over the top of her when she was out of town once or twice and swiped the spot when she wasn't looking.
At any rate, as of this Saturday, the check-in is up for sale. Why? Well, there's been a dwindling lack of enthusiasm for the check-in. The people who do respond don't need a cheerleader and those who used to enjoy being spurred on

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