Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Or lease or rent ....
What? you ask.
Saturday Check-in.

I've been doing it for quite awhile now. Can't even remember how I got it. Perhaps I appropriated it from Paty when she left town a time or two, I'm not sure. Ownership is at best hazy so any deal should be under the table, wink, wink.

It's been fun, but participation has been steadily dwindling until the people who I believe used to count on it the most no longer show up. I think what that means is it's time for a shot in the arm, a new face and voice, a new enthusiasm. Or perhaps Saturday Check-In will become another vacant house on the street with a slightly worn looking for sale sign pounded into the front lawn. And if that's what people want, that's okay. The "property" will still be there no matter if it's occupied or not and when enthusiasm for a weekly place to be held accountable and check in on how people are doing is once again needed, why you can throw on a fresh coat of paint and open the draperies and go back into business!

Now if this thought leaves you sad, let's make a deal. You take it over. Bring your insight and I promise I will stop by often and admire what you've done with the place. I personally always thought a few walls should be knocked down. Open it up, let in some light. But I could never tell which walls needed to go and lacking the foresight to envision the remodel, did little to modernize. I hope one of you has some grand ideas and are even now scrambling to find your checkbook to see if you have enough to make the purchase (cash would be appreciated, no credit cards, please.) Or maybe you could go in on it with a few other people and form a consortium!

Now you're probably wondering about a price. Since I stole it from Paty, I suppose the only fair thing would be to look the other way while someone "stole" it from me. How's that for a bargain?

Since I am moving out of Saturday as of this Saturday, I'm also having a garage sale. On the table to your left is INDECISION. There's lots of it, two or three baskets as I recall. Bargain basement pricing. Okay, it's used, yes, I agree, but there's still plenty of life left in it. There's always life left in indecision because it's so good at stealing what it wants. One low price takes the whole lot.

Oh, I see what you're looking at. That big black cloudy thing there is FEAR leftover from, well, fear is never leftover, there's always plenty of it to go around. It's got a bad rap. Think how well it multi-tasks. It can be a moat, isolating you from pain and rejection (and joy and success, but there's always two sides to everything, isn't there?) It can be a mountain you can't bulldoze or wash away with a flood, a raging river you can't cross with the stoutest ship, quicksand or a tornado. It can keep you safe, it can do almost anything but propel you forward, but don't let that one little fault keep you from grabbing a bag and taking all you want. I've had this batch for years and just don't want to keep moving it around with me anymore.

And that leaves us with that pile over there. It's APATHY which I mentioned before I was getting rid of. Apathy is gooey and sticky, so if you're in the market, put on a pair of gloves before you wrangle some into a box to take with you. Warning: if it touches you, it may manifest itself as fear or indecision or both. May leave an invisible rash. May make you tired, vulnerable, weak. Symptoms can last for weeks or years. Interacts with other issues. Use at your own risk.

That's it. The Saturday Check-In house is empty and ready for occupancy. If you aren't ready to commit for good, give it a try for a week and see how you like it. But while we're on the topic of getting rid of things you don't want anymore, do you have anything you'd like to get rid of? I'll leave a table on the lawn in case you want to try unloading it here. Good luck!


Paty Jager said...

As always a fun post, Alice!
I don't think you stole the Saturday Check In from me so much as I was AWOL Saturdays and couldn't keep it up. As with this week. We're headed to Princeton on Friday night to spend three glorious days in Princeton adding a bathroom onto my humble cabin. (No more midnight trips to an outhouse in the pouring rain, or dodging lightning bolts, or having said outhouse rocked by wind)

As for your garage sale- I'll take all three baskets of Indecision! I am at a crossroad where I have to either keep in the same direction or make a change. The change may aggravate some people but I have to do something. I'm tired of where I'm at. At the same time I feel obligated. Obligation is a cross I have worn my entire life. I'm hoping it's a cross I can throw off and go for what I want.

Alice Sharpe said...

Okay, so added to the garage sale table is Paty's load of obligation (which can also masquerade as guilt, in my humble opinion.) I imagine it's a take all you want situation, so don't be shy, load up the trunk!

Thanks for checking in, Paty.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Alice, I love this post. Really made me smile.

I apologize for being MIA from the blog lately. My kids got some malware on my computer when I was gone and I haven't been able to sign in to blogger at all. It's been a real pain in the patootie. Thanks to a really nice guy at the Webroot malware removal site, my computer is fixed as of today! It feels so...fabulous!!!

Paty, I want to hear more about your crossroads/decision! Tell tell...

And your for sale items. I'll miss you doing the Saturday check in, but I totally understand the need for a change. As for what I'd like to get rid of, hm...I'd love to sell off some of this STRESS. I have buckets and buckets of stress that needs to go to a good home. Any takers?

Alice Sharpe said...

Thanks, Eli. Glad you are back on the internet! Okay, we now have buckets of stress as well as a ton of obligation, baskets of indecision, a cloud of fear and a pile of apathy. Any takers?

Paty Jager said...

Eli, my tell-all isn't anything you all probably don't already know. I'm frustrated with not being able to break into the big publishers.

I've decided that's my goal this year. That being my goal, and having received two communications that leave me scratching my head with my current publisher, I've decided to forgo(for the time being) the last book of the trilogy and the last Halsey book to write a contemporary action adventure to start pitching.

A stand alone book with the possibilities of more books.

Lisa Leoni said...

I'll call dibs on the apathy! Having some spurts of it lately, a byproduct of feeling overwhelmed I guess. I totally understand your decision. I think you began doing it a year or so ago when we made annual goals, maybe? Or monthly goals, one of the goal setting runs. How much are you charging for your baskets of goodies? ;)

wavybrains said...

Awesome post, Alice. I've been missing from the Saturday posts b/c I just got so tired and depressed of always posting that no writing was happening and no progress was made. I've been absent from the blog for similar reasons--this pregnancy is kicking my butt and this past semester killed whatever mojo was left by drowning it in a river of obligation. I already have plenty of indecision, guilt, and apathy to spare, so I'll leave yours on the sale table for another taker.

Genene Valleau said...

LOL, Alice! Fun post.

Sorry, no cash ear-marked for a fresh coat of paint on the Saturday check-in. I think it's one of those pieces of property that generates a lot of excitement when it first opens, but its popularity wanes as people finish projects or move into doing other things. You've done a wonderful job of keeping this up. So thank you very much for doing that.

As for adding to your sale table, I have a passle of procrastination. As a matter of fact, this is related to what my blog post will be about tomorrow...

Alice Sharpe said...

Genene -- Okay, let me get this straight. We have obligation, stress, procrastination, fear, indecision and apathy for sale. Add a dragon and gator or two, and what a treat!

Looking forward to tomorrow...

Katie said...

First, I'd just like to say that this post was hilarious and interesting to read. Fun. :)

Hmm... I've got... no, someone mentioned that already. Well, there's always- wait, that's already on the table, too. I guess I'll have to go with- what, you've got that one as well? Sheesh! No one left me any negative behaviors or ideas to sell! *sigh*

Is laziness too close to procrastination? And I know fear plays a part in that laziness... and apathy is how I deal with those obligations. Looks like I've got an entire garage sale in myself! Ooh, goody, now I get to clear some space and buy shiny, new, effective things like Creativity, Inspiration and Proactivity. Yay!

Hopefully we all can shop at that store. ^_^ It fits ever so much better than those old rags.

Anonymous said...

LOL-- Alice, loved this. Although, I don't want to buy any of it. ;) I'd rather spend my money on chocolate.

I loved Katie's response. She's so cute and positive! ;)

Paty-- Good luck with your new venture! Yay for you!!

I have no excuses of why I'm hardly ever here to comment. I end up coming around once in a while to catch up on all the posts I miss, but I don't always leave a comment because I usually have nothing of importance to say. Like now. LOL I guess I'm in the "lurker" class now. Weird. *quirking up an eyebrow*

I'll miss your Saturday check-in posts though. *sad face*

Deborah Wright said...

Oh, Alice, I fear I've been one of those absent from the Saturday check-ins lately! It truly hasn't been fear, apathy or indecision that's kept me away--it's been, what? Too much to do.

I've been re-organizing my life, a rather major undertaking at this stage. On a positive note, what's bubbled to the top in my priorities is writing. I know I've taken more time off in the last month than I meant to do, but I'm back, baby! And I'm so jazzed about what's going on that I may just steal that check-in out from under you! If only to keep me honest. LOL.

Katie said...

Thanks mom, you're cute too.