Thursday, December 03, 2009

With or Without You

I just got off the phone with Genene. Her Internet is down and the service team isn't scheduled to come to her house to take a look-see until at least tomorrow. Contrary to the picture, she DID say she's being quite productive without the Internet distracting her. But she is going through withdrawls.

I know Kendra was recently without Internet, too. Paty routinely goes to eastern Oregon where she has no service. When my DSL goes down you'd think the world ended. So I'm curious...what CAN'T you live without? Imagine you are stranded on a desert island. What MUST you have in order to stay sane?

I'll start...

1. My laptop - When it's in the shop (my backup computer recently died), I feel lost. (And yeah, on MY desert island there are plug-ins!)
2. Internet - 'nuff said.
3. Tweezers - What can I say? I'm part Hungarian. We of the bushy-eyebrow people love our tweezers.
4. Books - I would die without something to read.
5. Diet Coke - yes, I've transferred my coffee addiction to a diet coke addiction. (Becky...shush!)

There's not much else I can't survive without. What about you?


Paty Jager said...

Tablets and pens to draw and to write if I end up on an island without electricity so I couldn't have my laptop.
Music- I guess I need electricity for this and my laptop. I could do without internet. The only reason I panic in Princeton is because I am tied to blogs and editing.On an island I'd let it go and I'd be blissfully ignorant of anything else.
Oh, my husband someone has to gather food to nourish me and keep me safe and warm at night.

Alice Sharpe said...

Strangely enough, on my island there's a beach resort with cushy beds (and a well stocked bar). It's been abandoned for some unexplained reason so while I am totally alone, there's food in the walk in freezer, lots of ice cubes and full internet service. No eating bugs for me.

Did I mention the resort had a library?

Deborah Wright said...

I want to be stranded on Alice's island! :-)

Anonymous said...

Poor Genene. :(

Ooh... *rubs hands together* A desert Island fantasy. Fun!

1. My blankie and pillow
2. Toothbrush
3. Endless supply of shampoo & conditioner, a hair brush, and a razor to shave my legs, oh yeah, and a pair of scissors
4. Sharp tools, fishing line/hooks/net, fire making kit, pots&pans, wash cloths, grease cutting soap *I'm very practical and like to be prepared*
5. Books, lots of them
6. I guess my DH would come in handy, too. Or Gerry Butler. Whatever. :)

If I had Gerry with me, then I'd have zero reason for my computer, the internet, or anything technological. I'd even share my pillow and blankie with him. Heck, I'd share my toothbrush! Now that's something! LOL

Eli- You know how you get all stressed and pull your eyebrows out? Well, you really don't need the tweezers. LOL Oh, and the least you could do would be to drink REAL Coke, you know, the one WITHOUT aspertame! I don't want you to get cancer and die, missy!! *me, shaking my finger at you*

Paty- I liked your tablets and pens idea. :)

Oh, I see Alice just added a library. Forget me bringing books, I'll just go to the library. :) Good thinking, Alice!

wavybrains said...

I KNOW that I'm the worst internet addict, but strangely, I wouldn't require it on a desert island--I'd almost welcome the detox :)

I would, however, require:

--A bed. A REAL bed with real pillows and a pile of comforters.
--Chocolate. (Of course, in a very cruel twist of fate, all chocolate, coffee and the like is currently tasting like aluminum foil to me).
--I'm assuming an abundance of tropic fruit on my island, so I'd probably be set for food with chocolate + fruit + the odd fish here and there. I'm with Piper that pots and pans--good ones--would be nice.
--Books. If I'm going to be stranded a really long time, I'm probably going to need an air drop of books. I live in fear of being book-less--I always pack too many.
--A huge crate of yellow legal pads and one of pens.
--my laptop would be nice b/c eventually I will run out of paper.
--knitting needles and yarn
--Tavy. I can't live my Swiss Family Robinson fantasy without the "family" :)

Linda Rader said...

Diet Dr. Pepper is my fuel. And I am never without my laptop. I am always linked to the RomanceDivas chat. What I can't live without is the encouragement of romance writer friends.

Genene Valleau said...

I'm baaaaack! And spending some time catching up with almost a week of e-mails.

Thank you, Eli, for covering my blog backside with a fun topic and a cute graphic.

I'm going to wait in line for Alice's desert island--with my doggies. :)

Katie said...

I want to be stranded on Scotland. ;) It's an island, right? Kinda. Sorta. Not really. TOO BAD. No one can stop me!! :P

I can't survive without all my stuff. I'm a total wimp. I need all those toiletries, food, clothes, internet, laptop, friends, family, church, music, books, movies, bed, house, stores, kitchen stuff... I couldn't be sane without it. And I'd look TERRIBLE. Rofl

Yeah, I would definitely need all of it. That's why I was born in this era. I'm totally a weakling. Yep.

But if I had a strong, sexy Scotsman... I could forgo a lot of that stuff... like clothes. *evil grin* Hee hee! ;)

Anonymous said...

Katie-- You are grounded from strong, sexy Scotsmen until your 30! Now, go to your room. And keep your clothes ON, missy! - Mom

Katie said...

Don't worry mom, I was kidding. Those were FUTURE stranded island plans. Like when I'm 30.

Anonymous said...

Katie- Whew! LOL

(Oh, and in my previous comment I didn't mean to spell "you're" your. Duh! Yes, I do know the difference. I just get to typing too fast and my brain doesn't keep up. Or something.)

If you do meet a strong, sexy Scotsman someday, like when you're 30, then it will be okay. But, NOT until you're 30. :) ~Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one more thing. You can come out of your room now. :)