Monday, November 30, 2009

A Writer's Christmas List

Current Project: Untitled RS
Status: Slow

Just a few things from my list this year...

Ergonomic chair that feels like I'm sitting on down cushions.

Magic potion to avoid "writer's spread" from countless hours in chair.

On call, cheap, amazing childcare

Ability to function normally on four hours of sleep

Desire to exercise

Free enthusiastic research assistant

On call computer genius who has English as a first language and understands my problem on the first explanation. Also makes free house calls and looks like George Clooney.

Quarterly writing getaways. Preferably a week long on a beach with several writing buddies.

Writing studio with big windows, view, constant calorie free pastries and great coffee, overstuffed furniture and a fireplace.

What's on your magic wish list?


Paty Jager said...

Kendra, I like your wish list!
The top of my wish list is a new chair, too.

Another book case(my reference books are taking up more and more space that has been allotted to my dh).

I like the quarterly retreats for writing.

A free publicity person.

Endless funds to attend conferences.

A free housekeeper(preferably a male who looks good without a shirt)

That everyone be happy and healthy throughout the coming years.

Katie said...

Ooh, wish lists! Me likey. ^_^ Those are some good lists so far. :)

I want:
-A machine that hooks up to my brain and sucks the story out in it's completion. (I know, I know. Writing is 90% of the journey... but still! It would be awesome.)

-Time! Endless time for me to be selfish and do my own thing. Heh heh...

-No school. I would weep for joy.

-Another machine to read my mind when I can't think of the word I want to use. Ya know, when you can't for the life of you think of what that word was, but it's RIGHT on the tip of your tongue? I HATE that. So much.

-An endless flow of words for when I'm writing (If I can't have the lovely magic machine to write it for me. ^_^ LOL)

-Oh, and a big snuggly tiger to lean against and feel the vibrating purr deep within that big ol' cat. And a giant pet dragon. Since we're going with a magic list, right? :D

That'll do it for me.

wavybrains said...

I like your list :) And Paty's too :) I'm blatantly stealing a few from each of you, but here's mine

A new laptop. One that actually functions WITHOUT its power cord.

Funds to attend Emerald City 2010

Free, readily available childcare

Housekeeper, looks unimportant. :)

Endless supply of my favorite kind of pens

Internet blocker--a magic one that only lets me check email, this blog, and do work.

Ability to function on less sleep and the brainpower to write when tired.

I totally want Katie's story sucker--I would be happy with the prototype version where it just sucks a rough draft out and I can get to editing.

wavybrains said...

Katie, they make a word sucker :) It's called

Kendra said...

Darn it. I forgot the housekeeper. It had crossed my mind when I wrote the list.

And a big tiger sounds cuddly. I'd like mine to be a snow tiger, please.

thriftymomma said...

My list this year is simple:

exercise gloves for those ouchy weight bars and cause it'll look good. A GPS cause man I have my mother's sense of direction lately. (thank you genes) and umm oh yeah on call Molly Maid service and secretary/chef. Simple, No!?

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Genene Valleau said...

What do you mean Christmas? What happened to the rest of the year?