Saturday, November 21, 2009


Current Project: None
Status: Thinking

It's official, I am out of work, unemployed, and wondering what comes next. This is always an odd time for me. Half my brain is whispering, "Relax, enjoy being blank. You're like a field where corn is grown year after year. You have to add some soil restoritives or rotate the crops. Lie farrow for awhile, stay open for the next seed that blows into your consciousness and sends down roots." The other half of my brain is saying, "You'll never write again. It's over." Have you ever noticed how bipolar writers are?

How about you? How goes Nano or your own personal goals?


Katie said...

Tell me about it. There are days when I'd rather die than have to write words. But sometimes, there are days when I must write. Write or die. I hate it when those days occur and I have to go somewhere, so I can't write. It's a form of torture! So I totally have the whole "bipolar writer" thing.

And Alice, how can you think you'll never write again? It's what you were made to do! I think if I never wrote again, it would be like losing half of myself. The creative, alive part of me would be dead. I don't know who I'd be without the writer inside. She dictates everything I am.

I don't believe that it's possible for a writer to ever stop writing, not the true type. There are always stories; we're always learning. It's never over. Blessing or curse? Well, that's a whole other story. ;)

Genene Valleau said...

Congratulations on finishing your manuscript and having some "fallow" time just as the holidays are in full swing. Perfect timing!

And, as Katie said, of course you'll write again! You wouldn't dare leave all of us fans hanging without another book to look forward to!

My nine-book series is going great! I did over 30 scene sheets and worked about five hours on the "tangled timeline" and major turning points in each story. Since many of the events overlap in these stories and affect all the characters in the family, having a master timeline is vital. Don't want one of the heroines delivering a full-term baby in four months. :)

Linda Rader said...

Seems it's either feast or famine. But Genene is right. You'll write again.

wavybrains said...

Of course you will write again! But, man it gives me such reassurance to hear YOU say that.

We missed you on Thursday! I hope all is well (or as well as it can be right now).

I fell off the no reading wagon with a BOOM landing in pile of old Brockmann for comfort reading because of stress, and I'm trying to dig myself back out. Making some progress on the WIP, but it's very slow, and I've got other pressures competing for mental real estate right now.

I absolutely must, must, MUST mail my GH entry tomorrow. Unforgivable that I have not yet. Then, I need to get back to daily progress. Let's aim for 10 pages next week. For the love of turkey, surely I can manage that and have something to gobble about next week.

wavybrains said...

Oh and I wanted to add what a highlight of my week our meeting was. GET WRITING LADIES, I want to read those books!

Paty Jager said...

Congrats Alice, on another book finished! And you know as soon as you start enjoying your down time a story idea will come to you. I like your "bipolar writer" comment. And Katie I agree, It is torture when I can't write.

I finished my half of the sister's book Thursday before my company hit. I still have to write the epilogue but the other author and I have to discuss her characters so I can get their ending right. And she sent me her half so I can get a feel for them. She read my half and liked it.

This week, after my company leaves on Wednesday, I have to read a pre-galley for the spirit book and get busy adding more emotion to the bareback bronc story.

Congrats everyone who is moving forward!

Alice Sharpe said...

Katie -- I knew one writer years ago who retired. She and her husband had published many children's books together and she said she just got tired of the deadlines, etc... I believe he had passed on, too, so maybe that was part of it. Every other writer I know just keeps writing.

G;ad you're on board for the whole bipolar thing!

Alice Sharpe said...

Genene-- Good to hear the plotting is going so well. Pregnant for only four months? You find a way to make that real with a healthy baby at the end and you won't have time to write, you'll be too busy counting your money.

Thanks for chiming in, Linda. I know I'll write again, but sometimes, you know, it just doesn't seem possible! Btw, what do you write?

Wavy -- what are you reading this for when you should be licking stamps and sticking them on your GH entry (or it all electronic now?) Good luck, don't be so darn hard on yourself.

Paty -- I've been thinking about your comment: "And you know as soon as you start enjoying your down time a story idea will come to you." This is so true!!! Congrats on finishing your half of the book!

Barbara said...

Alice, I love your image of lying fallow waiting for a seed to fall and grow into your next novel. Let's hope it waits until after New Year's!

Jim and I got back last weekend from our 3 1/2 week trip to visit our folks in Michigan and North Carolina. I wrote three stones as we travelled by train and car:

A golden carpet of leaves spotlights the base of each tree trunk

The autumn forest floor is lit by fallen leaves.

Silos silhouetted against a reddened sky

While they bring back vivid memories of things I saw, I doubt they're good enough to send in for publication.

I'm wishing a productive week of writing to you all!

Alice Sharpe said...

Barbara -- A few years ago, all the maples in the park that we approach as we drive down the road that leads home, turned gold at the same time many of them dropped their leaves. For several days, it was like a golden sphere down there, like what I always pictured Lothlorien (from Lord of the Rings-- the elvish land) must have looked like. It just glowed like sunshine. And your three stones brought it back.. Thank you!

wavybrains said...

Barbara, what a gorgeous three stones!

Golden Heart is mailed. I have no idea why they can't go all electronic. And the need to burn a CD with the copy of the manuscript is so loathsome. But it is off. All umpteen pounds and a lot of hope.

And now, to figure out what's holding me back in the WIP. It's word by word right now, and I really need to fast forward to the easy(ier) part.

Alice Sharpe said...

Wavy -- When what you're going through with you WIP happens to me it always seems to be because I've taken a misdirection and my subconscious knows it. Go back to what you wrote when the words were coming easy and see if you haven't painted yourself into a corner. I'll bet you a dollar your current word by word progress has to do with the fact that something inside of you is sensing a problem, either one just committed or a misdirection taken pages ago that ran like a false vein of gold away from the motherlode and subsequently petered out.

Alice Sharpe said...

Oh, and Wavy, Woo-Hoo on getting the GH out the door!!!

Genene Valleau said...

Barbara, it's so good to hear you on the blog! Glad you're still writing stones. Very descriptive! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

Wavy/Bethany, CONGRATULATIONS on getting your Golden Heart entry in the mail!

Paty Jager said...

Yeah, Wavy!! Fingers and toes crossed for you!

Barbara, HI! Great stones!