Saturday, October 24, 2009


Current Project:The Baby's Bodyguard
Status:page 226 (I think)

Hey everyone, it's that time again, time for (drum roll....) Saturday Check-In!!!!

I had a real productive streak at the beginning of the week, then production fell off as sleep issues (thank you Uber Puppy) set in. By the end of this weekend, I'm hoping to have another twenty pages or so. I'm not worried about finishing the book on time as it's gathered its own head of steam, but I do have a few, er, chasms behind me that are going to need a little tender tough love to figure out. Quite by accident this week (while talking to a friend), I thought of a more meaningful way to impart an important piece of news between the characters and then in the middle of the night woke up with what will follow the reveal. Don't you love this stage? It's challenging and very fulfilling when the characters assume dimensions that make them stand out. You all know the feeling.

Hope your week was a good one; I'm anxious to hear if you're happy with what your accomplishing. If you are getting ready for November Nano is there something you do in preparation? I was just curious if you try to have the plot of scenes or characters firmly in mind before the month begins.

Happy writing!


Genene Valleau said...

Congratulations on the "big reveal," Alice! That's indeed a wonderful feeling. And you'll fill those "chasms" with no problem. :)

I had some of those revelations this past week as I worked on my series. The black moment and wrap up of the first book gave me ideas for the beginnings of three of the other books. Woo-hoo!

Though I originally intended to complete scene worksheets for each book before I moved on to the next one, that's not the way this series is developing. Events in one book trigger ideas for another book, so rather than fight the process, I'm going with the creative flow and typing notes for scenes as they come to me, no matter what book they fit into.

I'll go back and determine POV character, open and closing hooks, etc. later. For now, I'm getting down the meat of the scenes. A different process than I was going to use, but the ideas are flowing quickly so I'm not going to block them.

Guess another suggestion to Bethany on how to outline is to not get so caught up in your own process that you lose the story. It seems my "process" mutates and changes with each project. Those are the side trips that keep things interesting!

Alice Sharpe said...

where in the heck are you guys???? Are Genene and I the only ones who don't toil the weekend away? You know, that's kind of good news!

Genene, it sounds as though you are modifying your process as you go. I bet that's true of all of us. I mean, think of any ordinary task and spin it back ten, twenty, thirty years ago -- do you do it just the same or have you refined your methods?

Even a year ago. Frankly, if it's an oft repeated task, a day ago?

Just saying...

Lisa Leoni said...

Sounds like you two have been super productive!!! Woohoooo!!! It's been an interesting week. I went to my first roller derby bout last night (with Becky and her daughter!) and I worried I'd want to run screaming "what did I sign up for?!?!?" But I, and I think Becky too, wanted to throw on some skates and get out there. That makes me really want to dig in fierce to my book. I hope NaNoWriMo will help me pump it out.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Yay, Alice, on the big reveal and follow up!!! An aha! moment for the author. I love it!

As for me...dh came home after a week away and kicked me out Fri. afternoon and Saturday to go write. Smart boy...Sat I got in 3100 words on Fri. and edited 100 pgs on line edits my editor sent me for MARKED (this is my last chance to change anything major for MARKED so I'm going through slowly). I met my word count goal for the week (7500 words) WHILE I was sick and am tryig to make up a few lost words, but edits are more important.

Next week I hope to be another 10K words into the book and have turned in final edits for MARKED.

Alice Sharpe said...

Lisa, ha, ha, "pump it out?" as in pumping the old pedals? Okay, lame. Glad your first derby was a rolling success! CANNOT wait to read this book!

Alice Sharpe said...

Eli, wow, you are really coming along. Glad you got some time to collect yourself and get the edits off to a rousing start. You're right, they take priority. 10 K next week, huh. I'll match that. Gulp.

Paty Jager said...

WOW! Everyone has been very productive! Congrats Alice on the reveals.

I spent yesterday in Salem with Danita and Lori. We had a wonderful time catching up and chatting about everything writing and family.

I finished the edits on DIP this week and worked on the Sisters story. This coming week I hope to get more done on the Sisters story. But I'll also be flying to CA for a book signing in the San Jose area. So that will take up two days.

Alice Sharpe said...

sounds as though you had a great day with Lori and Danita, Paty. Have a safe and fun trip to San Jose!

wavybrains said...

Everyone is so productive!

Sorry for not checking in sooner! You ladies rock!

I'm plugging ahead with outlining.

My goal for the week is to enter the golden heart and get it OFF! Also to figure out if I can do NaNoWriMo.