Friday, October 30, 2009


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Completely off the topic of writing...Is it just me, or are you pumped for Halloween? I'm super duper pumped. I'm thrilled it's on a Saturday and I'm quite excited for it. I'm a 70s disco Medusa. Yup, you read right. I'm going with a dear friend who made an elaborate Marie Antoinette costume, even had a professional sew the dress. We've rented a room at McMenamin's Edgefield and are making a huge event out of it.

It's also a huge weekend for Duck fans. We are playing USC tomorrow and ESPN's Game Day will be there. It's a huge deal, huge game. I'm bummed I'll miss it, but my college roommate is going in my place as a wedding gift and I know he'll have a fantastic time. He's the biggest Duck fan I know. In spirit of Halloween, and pumpkin carving, Go Ducks!

What are some of your fondest Halloween memories? Any great costumes that stick out in your mind? Any plans for the weekend?


wavybrains said...

Oh darn! I mean, YAY! I really, really, dislike Halloween. My father was in a devasting car accident when I was in kindergarten, which left him permanently disabled, and that pretty much ruined for me on a personal level. On a more practical level, it has become all about the candy--Christmas, Easter, and Valentines are big candy days too, but they have some substance behind them. I also don't like being scared. However, as a parent, I like the chance to dress my child in furry adorable costumes.

Enough whining. I will counter my whining by rooting for your ducks. Go ducks!

I was going to do a last minute appeal for NaNoWriMo for FFAF, so I'll do it here in the comments: Think about it ladies! We CAN DO THIS! I have lined up a middle-schooler and if I am crazy enough, and Lisa is crazy enough, surely some of you want to join us? Eli and Alice? Want to make a month-long goal as part of tomorrow's check-in?

Alice Sharpe said...

We've had one trick or treater in the last fifteen years, so the holiday has kind of disappeared off our personal radar. The grandchildren love it, of course, esp. the thirteen year old who can think of and orchestrate the creation of her costume. I've never understood why some adults get so cranky when teenagers want to join in the fun. Duh.

My most memorable? The year I took my daughter and her friend to a Goodwill store and they chose everything to dress up as gypsies. It was so cute. But the holiday, for me, will always be defined as the night I used to stand on the sidewalk in the rain, in the wind, a flashlight in hand as my kids ran up and down the street gathering candy, oblivious to how cold and awful the weather was.

Have a great time, Lisa. Go ducks!

wavybrains said...

Oh Alice,

What a bittersweet memory. I got a little teary.

Lisa Leoni said...

Bethany, I am so sorry to hear that. That is most definitely a reason why this would be an unpleasant holiday. I agree about the candy. I love all things scary. What is Tavy going to be this year? ;) Yeah NaNo! woohooo!!!

Alice, only one?? Oh man. :( My parents are down to just getting one or two a year. I guess everyone in the neighboorhood grew up! Gypsies? Cute!!!

wavybrains said...

Tavy has two costumes:

A frog (who goes NEIGH NEIGH RIBB-ERT)


A HOR (which is really a girrafe costume, but she thinks it's a horse and that's all that matters.)

She is obsessed with horses and I wanted to find her an actual horse costume, but no luck. I scored these two in awesome deals at the goodwill. I will be going as a Professor from Harry Potter with a witch hat + graduation robes.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I think you have the record for using the word "huge". LOLOL

I'm not a big fan of Halloween. I never was into dressing up as a kid, and haven't gotten into it much as a grown up, either. However, this year DH and I are dressing up to go to a friend's house for the night. He's going to be Hugh Heffner and I'm going to be a playboy bunny. (Stop laughing, it was DH's idea. I think he just wanted an excuse to wear his pajamas and bathrobe. And my costume is nothing more than a dress and bunny ears.) The kids are uber excited - Alia is a cheerleader (she's wearing my old h.s. outfit), Bryce is Bobafett, and Reece hasn't decided. He has so many dress up costumes it's not funny - and he wears about 5 per day. He's either going to be Buzz Lightyear or Woody .

Deborah Wright said...

I've always loved Halloween. When I was a kid (back in the days before Dinosaurs) no one I knew bought costumes -- we all made up our own. My friends and I always had a blast putting together our costumes. I don't really recall any that stand out, though, but I probably went as a cowboy more times than not.

I haven't dressed up in years. The best costume I can remember as an adult (in my 20s-30s, when I had an hourglass figure, alas), was when I went as a pseudo-western dance hall girl. I say "pseudo," because I used my mother's old square dance dress, not a costume like you'd see on TV. And before you laugh, let me tell you that dress was not what you're picturing. It was striped turquoise and black (vertical), was tightly fitted from the waist up, with a low neckline, and had a flared skirt with a black taffeta underskirt (my mom would never be caught dead in anything dowdy--not even while square dancing). The hem hit me just at the knee. I added my grandmother's chunky crystal choker and bracelet, peacock feathers in my hair, patterned black nylons and black ankle boots, and a black shawl. It doesn't sound as good as it looked (and if only I could still fit in that dress today!). :-)

Deborah Wright said...

Bethany -- I meant to say that I'm doing NaNo. I'll re-state my goal on tomorrow's blog.

Genene Valleau said...

I like some of the things about Halloween. I don't like the skulls or skeletons or any of the gruesome stuff. The little kids in costumes are adorable and I even like seeing the teenagers who take the time to wear costumes.

I usually come up with goodies for the grandkids for Halloween and other holidays, but may or may not even be home to give out candy to the neighborhood kids. It's also kinda tough to answer the front door with seven dogs barking and all wanting to charge out to meet and greet the kids. :)

I don't remember any costumes I wore when I was a kid. Most of them were homemade, I'm sure. As an adult, I made a carrot costume one year. I don't even remember why. The frame was made out of reshaped metal coat hangers with orange fabric stretched over it. It actually turned out kinda cute.

My fondest memory from being a kid was our last stop trick or treating. We'd take a sweep through the neighborhood (we knew everyone because it was a small town), and our last stop we'd always get homemade popcorn balls along with other goodies. Yes, we got homemade stuff and no, we didn't check the goodies for tampering because, again, it was a small town and we knew everyone, and everyone expected us to come by for goodies.

Of course, that's been several decades ago, and my kids and grandkids never had that luxury.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a safe and fun day and evening. And for those doing NaNoWriMo, my sympathies--er, I mean, my support. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of progress on Saturday's check-in blog!