Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Current Project: The Baby's Bodyguard (actually, there is no official title)
Status: waiting to hear on proposal

I have been sitting here for the past hour trying to think of something to blog about. My brain is either a bowl of Malt-O-Wheat or a vast sky or an endless desert or a bottomless and empty well. In other words, there's nothing up there. Nothing. I can think of NOTHING to blog about so I am taking a free day.

I think this is the first time I have evoked this privilege. I think we should all have this option at least once.

I know this is a chicken's way out. I have excuses, plenty of them, but unlike some naughty child in school spewing forth one excuse after another, I am going to be a grown-up about this. I'm not going to mention the fact we had a wheel blow out on our vacation or that we had to change it on a steep highway with no shoulder thanks to fifteen miles of guardrail and with big old trucks coming down doing ninety miles an hour or that I tripped on the spare and fell ass over appetite to the road and just missed getting squashed (no doubt jarring my poor little brain, emptying it of all the fantastic blog subjects I had up until that very moment.)

Nope, I'm taking the high road.

If you have something important, funny, silly, goofy, profound or anything else you would like to put in the comment section, I will bless your little heart forever. Hey, maybe what I can't do alone, we could all do together! Group hug!!! Let's see -- we grew up being told that idle minds are the devil's workshop. I profoundly disagree with this. Idle minds are imagination's playground. In fact, I think children today have too much going on. I think they need some idle time to reflect on their lives and think of stuff like stories. (I may have just discovered a blog subject...)

When was the last time you were bored? Did something good come from it?



Lisa Leoni said...

Hahahahahahaha! Oh Alice, you make me laugh. Yes, everyone is entitled to a free day. I have nothing witty or pithy to add to the comment section. Usually when I'm bored - I catch up on shows waiting for me on my DVR, or annoy people in IM *g*.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Alice, I think we all just got a scary peek into your mind.

Bored? Here's something to think about...

The 4 yr old Gremlin came downstairs this morning dressed in boxers and a pirate hat. He informed me that he was Captain Jack and that he needed a hook because everyone knows Captain Jack Sparrow has a hook for a hand (methinks he's confusing Pirates of the Caribbean with Peter Pan). He then told me he was sailing to Antarctica (which is on the top of a box somewhere) and that he would only be eating Pirates Booty (which is like popcorn) for breakfast.

Now...take that story and run.

Alice Sharpe said...

Lisa, as if you could ever be annoying! No stories, huh? Not even something funny that happened while camping???

Alice Sharpe said...

Eli -- I love that kid. He's got quite the imagination. And you know me, I love a good story.

So, what did you do about the hook?

Anonymous said...

ROFL Alice-- Geez girlfriend, BE CAREFUL!! We don't need a squished Alice on the side of the highway.

I agree that today's children have too much going on. That's why I don't involve my children in sports I'd have to go watch, music I'd have to go listen to, dance recitals I'd have to sit through, or anything else that would bore me out of my ever-lovin' mind. Wait--that sounds sorta like it's all about me... LOL

But seriously, kids are too busy to have time to just be kids these days. That's why my little family doesn't really get involved in a lot of extra stuff. We like hanging out together and playing together. The other day we all went to the woods and shot paper targets in the rain and had a picnic. It was lovely. The only bad part was that the paper targets kept wilting in the rain. LOL

If I'm ever bored, hmm... I guess I don't really get bored cause I can't think of anything.

My kids don't get bored either. They always find stuff to entertain themselves at home. My daughter writes YA fiction and is writing for publication. She's very serious about it and waaay more dedicated than I've been.

My oldest son plays his guitar, works on computer programs (geek stuff), and sometimes plays video games.

My 3 youngest sons love to play video games with one another or with their dad. My 9-yr-old reads a lot. They also ride bikes, skateboards and sometimes go to the park together to play on the equipment. They really don't get bored, but their definitely not slammed with busyness either. I love that they're staying kids longer and love to be together as a family.

I loved your story Eli of gremlin #3. Too adorable! What a little nut! They're so wonderful when they're still that little.

Speaking of gremlins...

My little darling (that's still at home until kindergarten starts on the 14th, *grumble, grumble*) growled at me today while we were doing his Explode the Code workbooks together. He said he was-- "MMMmad-just like the sound that M makes!"-- It cracked me up because he was working on the letter M and figured out that MAD is also an M word and he didn't want to do anymore workbook stuff because he was sick of it and getting 'mad'. Hey, at least he gets the letter M.

*sigh* He was so much more pleasant when he was 4 like your little one. :) I hope he doesn't growl at his kindergarten teacher, but knowing him, he will. *more sighing*

Thanks for the fun, empty brain post, Alice. I'm glad you got off that highway and back home safe!

Paty Jager said...

I was bored last night. We were at the "magic Show" on board the ship. The magician was not that good. So I started watching the people. We were on the balcony level. I'm beginning to think cruises are a great place to do character studies and watch interaction between couples. From the 80 year old couples to the newlyweds it has been fascinating watching and listening. LOL
And the nationality does make a difference on the way they treat one another.

Alice, I think everyone needs a Free Day.

Alice Sharpe said...

Piper -- your kids sound busy, all right, but it also sounds as if they have lots of free play time and that's what I think is important. Loved your stories.

Alice Sharpe said...

Paty -- "I'm beginning to think cruises are a great place to do character studies and watch interaction between couples. From the 80 year old couples to the newlyweds it has been fascinating watching and listening."

That's so cool. I'll be interested in hearing how nationalities show up in couple interaction!

Bethany Gabbert said...

Piper---I heart your daughter. WOW!
My fondest wish is that Tavy will want to discuss Meg Cabot and Megan McCafferty and The Goddess Blume ALL DAY with me when she is that age.

Right now, however, I have the toddler demon, and no time to be truly bored. I am often bored in the how-many-more-times-do-you-need-to-try-this sense of waiting for one's child to create new synapses or some such, but there's not much I can do :) When I am really bored (think waiting rooms and car trips), I knit.

I think the most wonderful thing about being a reader is that one is never truly bored--just between books.

Bethany Gabbert said...

Oh and Alice, I sometimes feel guilty for all the "unscheduled" time that Tavy has, but then I watch her find new ways to entertain herself, and I think it's actually a gift. Her latest boredom relievers: practicing for her next generation of tantrums. I expect the program download soon as she will sit and happily babble, "NO-Mama-NO-Dada! No! No! No DAT! WHY? WHY? WHY? What DAT? No! DE OTHER ONE! No!" I'm doomed. She also likes to practice standing on her head. Also, she likes to find bags and fill them with random items and is happier than if I handed her a new toy with a bow on it. And when that fails, there is always clothing removal to practice and books to read. There are always books to read.

Genene Valleau said...

Hey, Alice! So glad you didn't get squashed.

I rarely get bored--though I did have some quieter time while my son was in the hospital that I actually did some of the things that have waiting for me for months and months.

Hope you had some UNeventful time while you were on vacation!

Alice Sharpe said...

Bethany -- Tavy sounds adorable. I love her adaptation of shopping.

It's the old give a kid a present, they play with the box.
Thanks for the smiles.