Monday, May 26, 2008

Paty's Blog

Can someone retrieve Paty's blog for today? It's in the dashboard under draft. I can't figure out how to post it from there. Thanks for any and all help.


Karen Duvall said...

I tried, Lori, but Blogger wouldn't let me get any farther than viewing it. Sorry.

Blogger will now post your blog automatically on whatever date you set it to. So you could write one today for posting on Friday and it will show up on that day without you having to do a thing. I guess Paty didn't give her blog a post date.

Genene Valleau said...


I got it by copying and pasting it into a new blog. It shows it was posted by me, but I put Paty's byline in the title. At least we get to see the content that way.