Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Open Blog Day

Since today's an open blog day, I thought I'd post our meeting reminder:

Join us tonight for our May MWV RWA meeting at The Blue Pepper in downtown Salem from 6-9pm. Our guest speaker is our very own Paty Jager:

Characterization: Minimum Words, Maximum Impact
Author and e-pub editor, Paty Jager, will show you how to take your characters from ordinary to memorable. This workshop will help an author pinpoint the little things that make a character come to life. Will use country western songs to show how choosing the right words can spark a connection between your readers and your stories.

And now a question...

Who was the most memorable guest speaker you've heard speak at a chapter meeting (or workshop) and why?


wavybrains said...

Hey, Eli I just emailed you if it would be okay to bring Tavy to social hour from 6-6:30.

If anyone else has an objection, can you please email me! I can always just come late to the meeting part and/or skip it.

Kendra said...

Tough question. Deb Dixon, I guess. I felt like I really learned something. Cherry Adair is a hoot to listen to. Funny, funny lady.

I like Paty's idea of using country songs as examples of good word choices. I think about that all the time as I listen to the radio. Country song writers are very talented at creating vivid imagery with a minimum amount of words. Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley are very good at it.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Got it, Bethany!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Kendra, my daughter loves Dierks Bentley. She's always asking to listen to the "pebble" song. And the 3 yr old walks around singing, "Trains a comin'. Rivers runnin'." ;)

I've never heard Deb Dixon in person. Or Cherry Adair. Will have to watch for them in the future.

Kendra said...

That's the exact Dierks Bentley song that was running through my head as I wrote the last post.

Cherry Adair almost always speaks at Emerald City.

Paty Jager said...

I like fun presenters. Terry McLaughlin was good last month. Su Lute is fun. Jenna Bayley Burke is fun. Yeah I know we've had two of the three I mentioned recently. My braing doesn't do well with memory things like that. At Emerald City- I liked Jackie Ivie (she lives in Alaska), I think her name is Laurie Brown, she does a workshop on editing that is real good, I thnk she's in the Seattle area. I'll have to look at the workshop brochure to jog my memory. Sorry not much help.

Kendra- Kenny Chesney is another CW singer who paints pictures with words in his songs. And I do like Brad and Dierks.

Kendra said...

Yes! Kenny is one of the best. And George Strait.

Country music focuses more on story telling than other genres. The writers know they have a limited amount of space in which to pack a boatload of emotion. Or maybe I should say they have limited space to trigger the emotions of the listener.

How can you guys have a meeting on American Idol finals night?

Paty, have you ever watched Can You Duet? on CMT? Amazing country talent.

Paty Jager said...

Kendra, I hear ya about Idols tonight- I'm dying having to be at the meeting and not knowing whats going on!LOL

No, I haven't seen the CMT program. Is it on cable? We only get the basic attenae channels. No cable where we live.

Karen Duvall said...

I haven't been to enough chapter meetings to answer this question, but I've listened to a lot of speakers and workshops other places. My two favorites are Lisa Gardner and Joan Johnston. Joan has a really strong personality and it comes out when she speaks. She's such a dynamo. She talks about six figure deals like they're a drop in the bucket. It's just fun to listen to her. She used to be a lawyer and she doesn't take crap from anyone, including her publishers.

Lisa Gardner is pretty little sweetheart who wrote her first Silhouette Intimate Moments when she was still in college. Her rags to riches tale is awesome!