Monday, April 21, 2008

Yearly goal-setting

Today I am going to set 26 goals. And by posting them here, they are public. I am doing this because today is a special day for me, my birthday, and it's a year that signifies the starting of a new chapter of my life. So in honor of that, I'm setting 26 goals.

1. FINISH A BOOK. Siiiiggghhh. I'm actually much closer than I've been before, and I'm pretty sure it will happen this year.

2. Edit the book.

3. Submit the book to agents.

4. Write at least a draft of a second book.

5. Get a tattoo (hopefully happening tonight!)

6. Get a nose piercing (again, hopefully happening tonight!) - priorities, eh?

7. Apply to graduate schools.

8. Finish my senior thesis.

9. Begin blogging on my personal blog again.

10. Get fit and healthy.

11. Clean my apartment (I'm really starting to see a pattern here...same goals as every time...)

12. Redesign my personal Web site.

13. Read a crapload of books (both romance and anthropology).

14. Flesh out ideas of a couple more books.

15. Pick up my paranormal ideas to see if they cause any sparks.

16. Study for the GRE.

17. Take the GRE (and do well).

18. Do better at keeping up with current events.

19. Learn basic Italian.

20. Learn the human bones.

21. Try to decide on a grad school regional focus.

22. Write a short story.

23. Do better at keeping in touch with people.

24. Get rid of a bunch of crap (ties in with the apartment cleaning thing).

25. Write at least SOMETHING in my current WIP each day.

26. Be happy!

Do you have any goals you'd like to make public? Are there certain times of the year, or certain times of your life that you set goals? Or do you avoid goal-setting like the plague?

And here is my current ideas for the tattoo, trying to decide on the placement I like. And it's going to be on my left wrist, the inside below my palm. Pretty small and easily coverable by bracelets or a watch. Creative types are supposed to have a tattoo, right? ;)


Paty Jager said...


Wow, what a bunch of goals, but they all look doable. Especially for someone with as much energy and enthusiasm as you have.

Is the tattoo thing a creative thing?? I want one, but haven't had the guts to go through with it and both my daughters think it's a a dumb idea. My husband just laughs when I mention it. He knows I'm a chicken. LOL

My goals- (I don't have to do as many as my age do I??? That would be waaaay too many! I turn 50 in June)

1. get an agent
2.finish the book I'm starting now 3.get the next Halsey brother book written by the end of the year.
4. be an extrovert at Nationals
5. Get through all 6 weddings we have this summer
6. Get through August when the kids and grandkids will all be here at the same time.

Fun blog- and Happy Birthday, Again!!! Whoop, Whoop!

Karen Duvall said...

Creative types are supposed to have a tattoo? Er... I kind of wish I had a little one on my ankle. My husband would kill me, though. My son has both his arms covered with them and he did some self-artwork on his fingers while he was in jail. The letters P-A-I-N. Yeah, tell me about it.

Okay, goals. I'm not much of a goal setter, which could be because I like surprises. So I just want to see where my objectives take me. I'm all about objectives. Goals, not so much. I think mainly because I feel crappy if I don't meet them. But then again, I feel fabulous when I do. Am I wishy-washy? Yeah, probably.

Lisa, your goals sound great! And definitely attainable. Your reach doesn't exceed your grasp, which is something my villain tells my heroine that hers do. But he's full of crap. 8^)

You are so ambitious! I really admire that. Good luck reaching all your cool goals!

Karen Duvall said...

Oh, and happy birthday!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Happy Birthday to you...
You live in a zoo...

Oh wait. That's what my kids would sing. Let's try it again.

Today is your birthday...
Da na na na na na...

I wish I had a guitar. And sound. Sound would be good right now. LOL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! 26 God, I feel OLLLLLLLD! ;)

I hope you have a fabulous day. As for the tattoo design, I vote for the one on the top right with the flower to the right of your name. Very cool. ;)

I love your goal list, Lisa. I'm not such a goal person. I mean, I am, I just don't normally list them out. Not because I'm afraid of feeling bad if I don't meet them, just because I generally have a list of goals in my head at all times that I'm working toward. But just for you (in honor of your bday) I'll list out what I want (and need) to do by years' end. Let's see:

1. Run my first half marathon in June (13 miles. Eeek!)

2. Lose a couple more pounds by Aug when we're going to Hawaii

3. Finish the revisions on my para RS and send to my agent (hopefully later this week or early next).

4. Finish revisions on books 1 and 2 in my contract (not really a goal, more like a YOU MUST DO THIS NOW type thing)

5. Write book 3 (again, not really a goal but something I HAVE to do).

6. Put together a proposal for a new RS (possible new 3-book series)

7. Party like a rock star in SF. Would be easier if you were going. ;) But I suppose I'll just have to corrupt Kendra...

Happy Birthday, girlie. I hope your day is da bomb!!!

Alice Sharpe said...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Lisa,
happy birthday to you.... la, la, la....

26 goals. Ack!

I am not blessed with long sight. I work project to project, so right now my goal is to decide if the book I am working on is REALLY a part of a series or a stand alone book and I'm think it's the latter. Now I have to talk to my editor. Then I have to think about lunch. Baby steps...

I admire your goals and yes, they are totally doable.

My daughter has a tattoo on her back that my son got her for her birthday a few years ago. I think you are smart putting it somewhere like your wrist where it will be visible to you and not hidden away somewhere.

I like the placement of flower to letters on the first one and the last one for what it's worth. It's very pretty.

I just read your goals again and am truly stunned by your ambition. I find that doing things is so much more rewarding that thinking about things, and if you share that attitude, you ought to be giggling your way through the next twelve months!

Ooooh! the nose piercing. I had a friend once who got her nose pierced when she went to Nepal. Isn't that going to hurt and what do you do when you get a head cold and your nose drips??? Inquiring minds want to know!

wavybrains said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, what a great list of goals. I may have to steal this idea when I celebrate the 1st anniversary of my 29th Birthday later this year.

My goals right now:
1) write 3 pages every day.
2) Do two loads of laundry everyday (we do cloth diapers. Laundry's a big priority here).
3) Start doing flylady again ( If you have a better system for keeping your home organized, let me know).
4) Walk everyday
5)Give Tavy music time each day. (I'm not a big music person at all, so this is something I'm struggling with).

Right now, that's where I'm at. Write everyday. I hope to be able to edit and submit again soon, but I'm not setting a time frame yet.

wavybrains said...

Oh, and I like the flower to the far left. Does Catto have special meaning for you?

Genene Valleau said...

Happy birthday, Lisa! What a great idea to set 26 goals for your 26th birthday. (I'm assuming that's the significance of 26, but correct me if I'm wrong.)

However, by the time you get to 427 like I am, you forget your first goal before you finish listing them. LOL!

The traditional New Year's resolutions used to be the time I'd set goals. Between taking down Christmas decorations and gathering/sorting/filing in preparation for taxes, would come those resolutions to be more organized so I didn't have so much crap to dig through the next year, to lose weight, exercise more, etc., etc.

I'd also find the many of the same goals popping up each year and realized that was good. When I learned to dig beneath the surface of those goals -- as we do with the characters in our stories -- I discovered the real lessons I was supposed to learn. (So much disorganized crap meant I was hanging onto things that were no longer useful in my life. Losing weight meant I was hiding from the world, etc.)

Now, goals that I want to make public. You mean like the goal-setting at meetings that I don't meet? OK, here's a few:

--Scratch tattoos and nose piercings for me. I don't do pain intentionally.

-- Ditto the personal blog. OK, it's not really painful, I'm just happy doing a blog every couple weeks on this blog site and adding a paragraph or two on my Web site once in a while.

-- Da books, yes! I have edits to do on two of them. But like Eli, these are MUST DO things for my publisher. I also am going to plot my series of nine connected books and finish the first one of the series.

-- Continue to promote my books, keep my Web site updated.

Then there are the goals for my other businesses and my doggies and ... and ... and -- oops, one of my goals is to reduce my goals to a SANE level.

As to when I set goals, there are usually a couple times a year that I spend some major time setting goals. That's evolved into a period close to my birthday in September because my energy is so strong that month and maybe another time when there's a major event in my life. But I also keep smaller goals in front of me so I can review them on a weekly and even daily basis to gauge if what I'm doing is taking me closer to my goals or is a distraction. It's very eye-opening how many things can be distractions.

Congratulations on setting goals -- doable, specific -- have you been reading a "how to set goals" book? If so, I think it's working! Your enthusiasm and determination shine through in this blog! I'm looking forward to seeing your tattoo at the next meeting!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday Lisa dear; Happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish, then it would be, A happy, happy birthday to you from meeee!!!!!


Goals, goals, goals... (Reminds me of an 80's song by Motley Crue LOL)

Well, I have a bunch of goals. Almost as many as I am old! Ah, to be 26 again.

I'm not going to share all my goals here, but I do have them written down. I read them everyday and feel positive feelings about them so they get met. The most important goal I have right now is this... Be grateful and thankful for everything in my life.

I think your goal list is great, and I especially like #26 "BE HAPPY". That's the most important one on your list, because with that one, you can do anything!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and no Lisa, creative types do NOT have to go through the physical pain of tattoos to show how creative they are! LOL I'll stick to drawing on my hands with a pen like I did in grade school. :)

And I'm with Alice; how the heck are you going to blow your nose?!!

"Oops, looky there, I just blew my diamond right out my nose hole." GROSS!!! ROFL...

Don't forget to take a handful of aspirin before you go out and get all these procedures done, girl!

Love ya!!!

Lisa Pulliam said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! :D

When a friend and I were talking about tattoos, she said that creative people should have them. I laughed at the logic, but hey it's a good excuse!

Paty, it's not a dumb idea!!! Anyone can get a tattoo if it's something meaningful to you and you want. A chicken? lmao lmao. Great goals!!! I know you'll get them :)

Karen, an ankle one would be cool! Self-tattoo?? Owie!!! Objectives, I like that.

Eli, "you look like a monkey...and you smell like one too..." hehehehe. Great goal list! That marathon will be such an awesome accomplishment :)

Alice, baby steps are a good thing. For me, I tend to make too many goals (like, say, 26?) and it becomes overwhelming. The sense of accomplishment by looking at one thing at a time is a good strategy.

Wavy, 1st anniversary of your 29th? I am SO using that. Love it!!! Hahaha! Great goal list, you'll totally get them :) Catto is my maiden name. I love it, last of the family with it and since I'm not a man, it dies with me. Honoring the family, honoring myself, etc etc. And I just plain love the darn name!

Genene, love the list! And I think it's a very valid goal to lessen the goals and stress. I think I'll make that #27... ;) "Losing weight meant I was hiding from the world"...sing it sistah! Oh so true. I hear you on that one.

Piper, that's amazing you read them everyday! Good for you!!! In honor of that, I'm going to print my list and try to do that too. Fantastic idea, to not lose sight of things.

As far as the Nose Goblins...from the extensive reading I've done on nasal piercings (I may be going through a quick-decision stage, but that doesn't mean I don't do my research!) once they heal, it's like they aren't even there when it comes to blowing your nose and such. They say it's not a good idea to get it done during your allergy season, just because it takes longer to heal if it's being bothered a lot. But I usually get sicker in the fall months than the spring. Hopefully I don't have a Nose Goblin infection. Eeeeeek!!!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Great list of goals--you go, girl! I vote for the tattoo on the upper left with the flower before your name. And Catto is a great name!

Here's a book you may want to add to your TBR list: Passionate Pilgrim: the extraordinary life of Alma Reed by Antoinette May. They have one copy at Powell's for $3.40 at Alma Reed was a journalist/archeologist whose adventures took her to Mexico and the Mediterranean. I think you'll like it (and maybe become the Alma Reed of the 21st century!).

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

That's quite a list of goals you've got. While I don't make goals frequently, I've found that having a master goal list that I write down and revisit every few months makes them tangible to me.

I only have a few current goals. They are:

1. write something every day
2. finish a book
3. attend the national conference

Have fun with the tattoo. I like both of the top versions. Tattoos and piercings seem to be popular ways to mark a birthday--I had a second hole pierced in each of my ears on my 45th birthday. I haven't had the desire to get a tattoo, though. That's a little too permanent for me. :-)

Flo Moyer said...

Lisa, a belated Happy Birthday! Sorry I came in late.

I like that you made so many goals--and I hope you meet every single one. :-) I'm thinking of making more goals--you're very inspiring. Your tattoo ideas are very pretty.

I still have some goals from New Year's. To lose last ten pounds--uh oh, I gained ten while writing my book. To sell another book--I'm still working on that. To read one book a week all year starting the last week in Dec 07--I just finished book #17, so yes, I'm meeting that one. :-) There are more, but I can't think of them offhand.

Paty--six weddings this summer? Wow!

Everyone--I loved reading the goals and I always liked seeing that a whole lot of people are making them. I always try to have a goal to attain, as it keeps me going.

Lisa Pulliam said...

Barbara, thanks for the recommendation!!! That sounds great, I'm going to pick it up when I (hopefully) go to Powell's this weekend :)

Deborah, I think you're right about the birthday thing. There were 3 other people there last night getting birthday work done! I like your goals. Are you planning to go to San Fran?

Flo, a book a week is a fabulous idea! That seems much more attainable and realistic (mentally at least) than committing to read a giant TBR pile. I'm going to have to borrow that goal ;)

I went with the tattoo on the upper left, and here's a link(if it works...)