Sunday, April 20, 2008

Challenge Check-in

Hey Everyone!

How was this week for your writing endeavors? Did you make your goal? Or like me floundered around.

This week wasn't a good word count week. I managed about 750 words. But I'm in the beginning of a new project and I'm doing more research than writing. Now if you count all the notes I'm jotting down.... Then I'd have a decent word count! LOL I spent all day Monday deciding on setting, then had a break through on my Tuesday drive that concreted the hero in my mind. He'd been a little blurry until then. With having found my setting, now I have to do research about it. So I figure this next week will be another slow word count week, but after that I hope to get those words flying.

Off to sort cattle and freeze my butt off!


Kendra said...

Hi Paty,

I love that feeling when your hero or heroine suddenly comes to life. Usually I have an outline of what my hero wants, his background, and his characteristics, but sometimes I'll write three chapters before I have that "Aha!" moment and truly see him.

I think I'm finished with my first draft. I'm still playing around with the ending, but I'm where I wanted to be before leaving on vacation this Friday. Most of it is thanks to you guys. I was motivated at the beach retreat and managed to keep that motivation going for several weeks because of the check-ins. Now I'll take sometime off, lay in the sun, make sure my kids don't drown, and drink Mai Tais.

My next goal is to have it polished and shined by the end of May to start querying. Again.

And figure out what to do for a website.

Karen Duvall said...

I'm preparing to start on my next book so I'm still in the planning stages of character development. Once I have them figured out, the plot will gel better. I'm holding off on the pole dancing widow for now and sticking to my love of urban fantasy for the time being. My next book is about a border patrolman, but the border he's patrolling is the one that separates Earth from Hell. Hee hee. It's going to be funny, though. A new twist for me.

This weekend has been spent going through KNIGHT'S CURSE one last time before printing the manuscript to send to 4 agents who requested fulls, all in in the past week! My husband asked me why the sudden surge of interest, and I have no idea. Nothing's changed in my query, and two of those requests came as a result of reading a partial. I still have 8 requested partials I'm waiting to hear back on. This has been a banner week for me! Mood = bouncy 8^)

Alice Sharpe said...

Kendra -- Have a great vacation -- you've earned it! (Where are you going?)

Karen, how exciting! It's karma, baby!

Paty, I love that moment, too, when a character (for me, esp. a man) seems to spring to life and you suddenly know exactly how he would see something or react to something or what he would say.

I finished the first book synopsis this week. After listening to the Vogler/Hauge recorded workshop yesterday, however, I realized several things that need tightening and motivations that need clarifying. They also stressed the importance of a clear goal and I don't know if they mentioned a deadline, but a deadline, in my experience, never hurts.

So, thanks to Eli for organizing the day.

wavybrains said...

Congrats, Kendra!

Karen--how exciting! That is awesome good news!

Alice--I'm so glad you got the synopsis done.

Paty--the research definetely counts!

It's kind of nice how many of us are in the begining stages of a project.

I met my goal of 3 pages a night. I'm really proud of that. 21 pages. Of course, given our discussion on conflict, much of this will have to be slashed and modified, but hey! at least I've got something to edit.

Alice Sharpe said...

Wavy -- Congrats on meeting your goals (and with a crawler in the house, imagine!) Twenty-one pages a week adds up fast. And like you said, anything can be edited.

Kendra said...

Karen! That's wonderful! Who requested fulls?

Alice--we're going to Maui.

Karen Duvall said...

Kendra, what a terrific vacation! Hawaii is gorgeous no matter what time of year. Have fun!

The full requesting agents are Steven Axelrod, Elizabeth Winick, Emily Sylvan Kim, and Nancy Coffey.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I got about 8 chpts edited. Not nearly as much as I'd wanted but between kids' wacky schedules, our chapter meeting and Sat. workshop (plus I volunteered to be on the Golden Network's planning committee for Nationals) I've been a little busy. I'm *hoping* to get a few more chapters edited today. Will see...I have a few household things (read: laundry) to do.

This week my DH will be at a conference all week so I'll be on my own with the gremlins. Sometimes I'm super productive when he's gone. Sometimes not. Depends on how the kids are and how tired I am in the evenings. I'm hoping to finish revisions and get this puppy off to my agent.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Karen! Congrats on the requests. I have fingers and toes crossed for you.

Paty - research definitely count. It's not always about word count.

Wavy - 21 pgs is awesome. I'm glad our discussion about conflict helped. I really wish you could have been there yesterday. I think the video would have helped.

Alice - great job on the new book! I also figured out some things I need to add to my revisions from watching yesterday's video. Actually, I made a whole page of "revise" notes while I was listening. Such great info. I'm glad you found the day useful.

Kendra - congrats on finishing! And Mai Tais on the beach...oooh yum. DH and I have a vacation strategy (a non-kid vacation strategy - LOL) - steady state. No hang-overs if you keep a steady state of alcohol in your system. ;) You're going to have a blast in Hawaii! Oh man...I wish I were going now!!! (We were there this time last year.)

Karen Duvall said...

Eli, oh, to be young. 8^) You've got some energy, girl!

*cough* Super Mom *cough*

But I bet you love it!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

LOL, Karen. I won't overwhelm you with the list of things I have to do this week. None of which are appealing or exciting - and all center around the Gremlins. Nor will I mention how many things I conveniently forget on a weekly basis except to say that the DH got me a palm pilot so I could keep track of things. I bet it would work too - if I could remember to turn the darn thing on and look at it. ;)

Paty Jager said...

Kendra, kudos on the first draft! That's always a lift to know you have that done.
Have fun in Hawaii.

Wow, Karen! Congrats on all the requests, here's to more than one wanting to rep you!

Alice, good job on getting the synopsis done. And isn't that vogler/hauge DVD the greatest?

Wavy- 21 PAGES- Awesome! The word count will slowly climb as Tavy demands less of your time and you all get into a rhythm.

Eli, great job on the edits. Everyone had a productive week! Yeah

Well the cows are sorted and deposited at various pastures. Of course it was another humbling day where I slogged through stinky, mucky corrals and ate cow sh@t. But hey, that's the life I lead. No wonder I can take rejection so well! LOL

Flo Moyer said...

Great work, everyone!

I finished the taxes in time--then took two days off to recuperate from the book and the taxes deadlines. Then I started trying to choose which book to do next--I have three possibilities already in the works (dropped when I sold the book on proposal in December). I started working on one, but quickly found it wasn't a good set up, so I picked up another, and that's going much better. And I ordered some research materials I needed. (Always time consuming to make sure it's the best book at the smallest price.) So all in all, it's been a productive week.