Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Challenge Checkin

I jumped the gun so I could get this up since I volunteered to be the moderator for this round of challenges.

The pictures are the reason why I didn't make my goal this week. These two mischeif-makers spent the week. I managed to get through three chapters with some editing and stayed up to date on e-mails and blogs, but that's it. Now I know why I didn't start seriously working toward a writing career until my last child was in high school.

I'm also gone again this weekend.

So antey up- who accomplished what this week?

My CP, who has been working on a project for what seems like forever, finished the first draft yesterday. I am so excited and happy for her! And I can't wait for her to send it to me to critique!


Flo Moyer said...

I agonized and thought and agonized some more, and I got over the roadblock in my ms last night that was worrying me. Yes! So this week I did about 100 pages of heavy revisions and editing on my second draft. I should have done more, but it's been a very difficult month around here with catastrophes that make you tear your hair out and last week was more of the same. So I'm happy. :-)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Aw, Paty. Those girls are GORGEOUS!!! (And I hear you on the no-getting-work-done-thing when the kids are up. Why do you think I write at night?!

I wrote 11,000 words this week, but, more importantly, I'm at that point where I listed out my last few scenes so I can tick them off as I write. I'm down to nine! That feels good. I know exactly where the book's going and how it's goign to get there. It's just a matter of sitting and writing it. I'm hoping to have this first draft done next week sometime. Then I'll let it sit and percolate while I work on the revisions for my other two books before going back and editing. Feels so good to be so close to finishing!

Congrats to your CP, Paty! My CP finaled in the GH last week and I couldn't be happier if *I'd* finaled! Seriously, all afternoon after she IM'd me to tell me the news, I was walking around with a huge, goofy smile on my face. She finaled two years ago but didn't go to the conference. Since I know what fun it is to be the GH Princess (that was for Alice) I'm THRILLED she's decided to go to SF this year. I'm just totally tickled for her.

Alice Sharpe said...

Those two cuties look as though they could keep you running, all right.

I did edits yesterday, a rushed job and actually the second edits without doing the first as we all ran out of time and missed a step. This has never happened before and I was a little worried about it until I got into the book. Thankfully, it was a clean manuscript and things seemed to hang together for everyone concerned and I actually enjoyed reading it again even though it left the house less than a month ago. Hopefully, there won't be any more warp speed deadlines for awhile.

Still plotting. Ack.

Flo, I know what you mean by roadblocks, wahoo you got past one this week. Sometimes, in some books, it seems like you have to run a slew of them.

And Eli, wow, you go girl. You're going to have a fantastic conference this year -- sharing your CP success will be such fun and then, of course, there's your own to celebrate! I am feeling a twinge of regret....

Kendra said...

Paty, what cuties! I completely understand how hard it is to work with kiddos underfoot. Elisabeth, that's awesome! I got 4K done of the 11K I wanted to do, but I'm sitting down to write right now and not moving until I do 2K more!

Genene said...

Yep, the girls are adorable, Paty! Definitely understand why they would distract you.

Congrats, Flo, on the breakthrough. What an incredible feeling to get past that!

Wow, Eli! You are smokin'! What a fantastic feeling to see the end in sight (in a good way!).

Alice, congratulations on another manuscript well done! Was it clean because it was done so quickly? I've heard more than once (the latest time from our chapter speaker) that doing a manuscript quickly actually makes it more cohesive because you remember everything that's going on and don't have to go back and back to make sure you didn't miss a thread. Interesting...

Hope the rest of the weekend is a productive one!

Danita Cahill said...

I don't think I checked in last week, so I'll make mention of two weeks worth of writing/time-sucking paperwork and it'll look better for my record. Ha!

Got the taxes in to the preparer. Picked them up yesterday and woo-hoo, way better news than we were expecting. So glad that annual dreaded chore is finished.

Finished the Native American story and got it sent in with photos. It came out yesterday in the Albany and Corvallis papers -- circulation around 40,000. Call me a byline junkie, but dang it's fun to see my name in print....! Also nice to get the email from the editor asking for my address so he can send me a check. Woo-hoo!

I'll look the story up on line this weekend at some point and post a link to the chapter loop for anyone who may, possibly, be interested in reading it.

So now I need to jump back into querying my book. Next week, or after baby. Whichever comes first.

Now to take a look at the latter part of last week's posts. Sorry I've been AWOL.

Kendra said...

Danita, post that link here somewhere. I'd like to see it, too.

I managed to hit a total of 8K for the week. I felt insignificant next to Elisabeth's numbers so I guilted myself into it.

Whatever works.

wavybrains said...

I'm returned from St. Louis and catching up on posts :)

I didn't get any writing done in St. Louis, but I did get some research done, and some more brainstorming of logistics.

My goal for the week is 3 pages a night.

GREAT WORK LADIES!! You are all so inspiring!

Paty Jager said...

Wow! Some great work this past week from everyone!

I managed to get through 100 more pages of edits this weekend while my dh disced.

My goal is to finish the revisions/edits on this book and get started on a new one by the next check in.

Thanks for the compliments on the girls. They are both adorable, but very much full of mischeif!!!

When they were here the oldest was caught sticking her tongue out by her mom. She quickly said, "Gramps did it first!" Then nodded and batted her baby blues at him so he'd agree!

stephe said...

No actual writing. But I did finally finish a new and improved agent query package (letter, synopsis, sample pages) for jumping into the marketing mosh pit this week for Fantasy Novel #1.

It's been tough because I'm long-winded, and still learning, but I'm really pleased with the ending product. All I have to do now is specifically tailor it to each agency's specifications before sending. NOW I can concentrate on WRITING again.

Happiness abounds. :)

Love the pics. I just want to pinch their little cheeks...!