Saturday, March 08, 2008


I think Paty is at the EPPIE awards today (fingers crossed, Paty) so I am going to be cheeky and sneak in. You didn't think you were rid of me, did you? To quote Danita, "Ha!"

Besides, it's Saturday, it just seems we should have somewhere to check in.

As I announced last week, I met my goal, the book is gone and I hear the editor is half way through it (I wasn't the only one with a tight deadline.) That's good news. I imagince the book with be back for copy edits within the week. That's scary...

So, what are your plans? Where do stand with your goal? Time to make a new one?

Mine is to plot three connected books for Intrigue, one pretty clearly, the other two more loosey-goosey. I hope to have them done by the end of March. Actually, I hope to have them done a lot sooner than that, but I'm trying to realistic and oh yeah, have a life.

Your turn.


Flo Moyer said...

Wow, first responder for now? Everyone must be having a busy day. :-)

I've just finished the first draft on my contracted book. Short range goal is to finish that to perfection, or something close to as good as I can possibly get it. My other immediate goal is to get another proposal ready to go. Fortunately, I made up some notes right before I sold this one. Taxes. Find an agent. Write and sell more books. To focus and keep the passion for writing.
Um, I think that's it.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Good luck vibes on their way to Paty (and Chris Young!). I hope Paty finds a way to post tonight!!!

I started the new wip (contracted book 3) on Wed. My goal is one thousand words per day. I'm up to three thousand so I still need to do another one thousand sometime this afternoon (would help if I got off the internet...) Openings are always tough for me. The first chapter takes me a long time - lots of tweaking. I'm hoping to get the next two chapters and a brief synopsis off to my agent in the next few weeks.

Thanks for filling in, Alice. ;)

Danita Cahill said...

Yeah, yuck. Taxes. I've been sifting through paperwork this afternoon, wishing I was doing writing-related stuff instead.

Congrats again -- To Alice for getting that puppy out the door.

To Flo for getting through that first draft.

To Eli for getting some words down.

Fingers crossed for Paty and Chris. Paty mentioned she probably wouldn't have internet access until Sunday when she gets back home.

As for my week -- mmm...I sent a query to an editor, queried two agents and researched several more. I'm taking everyone's advice and giving the editor search a break while I seek out an agent.

Also polished, sent off and had accepted an essay which will run in tomorrow's paper. It's a short, humorous piece about my youngest and how a bowl of soup is a like a big adventure for him.

Next week I plan to send out more agent queries and do some of the inputting of revisions.

Kendra said...

My first challenge check-in and I sucked. I didn't come close to the word count I wanted. I'm about 4000 words short. So I'll aim for those 4000 this week. It's a three day school week for the kids. We'll see how it goes...

On the other hand it did feel good to be accountable to someone. And at our meeting today I stated I wanted my first draft done before we go on vacation at the end of April. Now I need to figure out how in the heck to do so.

Alice Sharpe said...

Hi Flo.

Man, your goals are both immediate and long reaching. Polishing a book until it shines is a luxury, as you know, not an burden. I never quite understand the burden aspect unless there's a nonnegotiable deadline on the end.

And I understand keeping the passion ---

Good luck, keep us posted on all aspects...

Alice Sharpe said...

Okay, folks, Eli's stated goal is 1,000 wrods a day. Four pages....

There it is...

Alice Sharpe said...

Danita, the fact that at -5 weeks until B-day # 3 you are having an article published is truly inspiring!!!

I will be buying the Albany Democrat tomorrow!!!


Alice Sharpe said...

Kendra-- you are accountable, girlfriend! Everybody write it down -- 4,000 words for Kendra this week, 1st draft done by end of April. Work it out, you can do it!!!

And we're here.

Pay it forward...

Danita Cahill said...

Pay it Forward. I love that movie, Alice. Except the end. Which I can understand, but I still sort of hate it.

We do this same challenge-type-of-check-in at our monthtowrite loop goup, huh Flo? Makes us be somewhat accountable twice.

I am rewriting my synopsis. Paring it down for an agent who wants it to be "only 6 tight paragraphs, in two pages or less." I got the six paragraphs down. Unfortunately, they aren't tight. Yet. Also started the long process of inputting my changes into my desk top. Wow, what a tedious chore.

chanceofbooks said...

Wonderful news, Alice!

And way to churn it out, Eli! A lot of authors have a hard time getting back in the saddle after selling, so I'm really proud of you for getting right into Book 3. You're making the transition to published look easy!

Welcome Again, Flo! What do you write?

Flo Moyer said...

Eli-this book that sold in Dec that I just finished writing the rough draft on--I rewrote that opening three times until I felt like it was just right. I know how you feel. You mentioned sending "the next two chapters and a brief syn" to agent soon. Is that just for her feedback on contracted book #3, or is that a new work? (Just curious.)

Danita, rewriting a synopsis that short, still showing the very best parts, is no fun. I'm with Alice--you are inspiring! And our group's accountability is fantastic. Two groups is even better. :-)

Wavy, thanks! I have eight secular romances already published by three publishers, and most recently relaunched my career with a sale to Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense this December. That's the book I just finished the draft on, deadline Apr 15th.

Upcoming: I'll be editing for a while, but as far as words per day, I am going to commit to upping that from my average 1000 to 1300 average at first. I do want to get higher than that. I'll let you know when I actually start writing again. :-)

Flo Moyer said...

PS: Wavy, I left out in my other post--as far as what I write, the past pubbed books are both historical (three) and contemporary (five) romances. The current is contemporary. I love writing both--and especially love contemporary romantic suspense.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

LOL, Alice. Thanks for stating my goal for me. ;)

Flo, yes the chapters I want to send my agent are just for her feedback on contracted book three. She's got a great eye and gives really good feedback. So even though I'll be sending it to my editor as well, I'd like to know what my agent has to say also. And I'm with you...I love cont. romantic suspense. ;) (obviously. LOL)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

LOL, Kendra. My kids were home on Friday - grading day. I was ready to pull my eyelashes out. I don't know HOW I'm going to survive spring break.

4000 can definitely get that done. ;)

Paty Jager said...

Alice, Thanks for stepping in! I was frugal and refused to pay $9.95 a day for internet while I was at the conference! I'm not sure if I met a goal or not last week! LOL I received feedback on how to go about writing my synopsis and wrote the first chapter of the contemporary I want to write the synopsis for and did some stewing of ideas for the book.

Everyone is doing a great job of writing or doing writing related things. And remember one sentence is better than no sentence!

Danita Cahill said...

Paty said, "Remember one sentence is better than no sentence." I'm glad I'm nearing the end of my 9-month sentence, that's for sure.

Flo-who were the other two publishers you've written for? (I think everyone would be interested to know that).

I hear you, Eli. Thinking of the two upcoming small fries -- both in diapers and cribs for a while yet, really hit me last night. It was sort of a rough night.

Flo Moyer said...

Danita wrote:
>Flo-who were the other two >publishers you've written for?

Five contemporaries were for Silhouette Books (w/a Hayley Gardner). Two of the historical romances were for Pageant Books (way back, bought out by Crown), under my own name. The new book is for Steeple Hill (w/a Florence Case.) :-)

Flo Moyer said...

Must be my headache--meant to add the third historical was for Kensington Books, also under my own name.