Thursday, March 27, 2008


*Translation: The first time I saw you, you were pointing a gun at me.

So begins the interview with Jasper, the dog in my first release, SONGS OF THE HEART.

Since I won't be blogging again between now and my release date, I'm taking this opportunity for shameless self promotion. (I sure miss Wavy's Tuesday blogs that listed chapter members' accomplishments and upcoming events!)

Starting at midnight on April 4 I'm celebrating the release of my first book with a cyber release party. Every 4 hours, I'll post a new interview with characters from SONGS OF THE HEART and draw another name for a basket of goodies relating to that character. No, you won't get half-chewed shoes for Jasper's basket!

All this leads up to the grand prize drawing at 8:00 p.m. in a final interview with the hero and heroine. More details are available on my Web site at

I have to admit I'm fairly new to e-books. However, since my first book won't be available in print version until May, I'm learning! The instructions say obtaining an e-book is as easy as (1) choose a format, (2) download, and (3) double-click to read. OK, I know I have to pay for the book somewhere in there, but I like the idea of buying a book without having to change out of my sweats and making myself presentable in public.

Am I going to give up my paper books? Naw -- I'll order some of those also when they are released in May. In the meantime, I'm broadening my horizons with e-books, and I'll also be able to get my book on CDs.

How about you? What writing accomplishments do you want to share and what upcoming events do you have planned? Please share so I don't feel totally selfish. :)


Paty Jager said...

There's nothing wrong with promoting, Genene!

Even though I'm an e-book author, I like having the print book, so I'll hold out until I can get a copy of Songs in print from you.

As for my own promotion- I have a gift basket (well a tote bag I made) of goodies over at BRenda Novak's online juvenile diabetes auction. I'd love to have some people bid on it. The auction actually starts May 1st.

My second Halsey brother book will be out in e-book June 6th, print December 5th.

And that's about it for me at the moment. I thought I was teaching an online class to my Hearts Through History online chapter but so far no one has contacted me.

Oh, and every month there is a contest on my website. winner receives an autographed book and bag of goodies.

Elisabeth Naughton said...


Genene, promo away. I'm SO excited for you on your debut release. And interviews every 4 hrs starting at midnight?! Honey, when do you sleep????

April 4th. Wow. That's coming up SOOOO fast!!

Alice Sharpe said...

Genene, we need to squelch this notion that reminding our friends and "coworkers" of an earth shattering, mind boggling, temporal plane disrupting event of which we are the center of the universe for one blinding moment is selfish!!!!!!!!

Ah, contraire, moi petite!!!!

So did you rig your computer to issue the interviews while you sleep or are they going to be live with reader's questions prompting responses or what??? I won't know because like every other night between midnight and 8:00 a.m., I will be soundly snoozing. But if per chance I happen to wake up, I am going to check you out and make sure you're there!!!

So exciting. Your originality and enthusiasm is contagious.

Alice Sharpe said...

I used the wrong verb tense. Originality and enthusiasm ARE contagious. Geesh.

Karen Duvall said...

I'm so excited for you, Genene! First books are the best experience ever. Talk about an adrenalin rush! Your interview program sounds like fun. You'll have to share with us the results of your contest.

Eh, I don't really have anything going on worth mentioning. So take it away, Genene! And good luck!

Genene said...

Hey, Paty! I know what you mean about having a print book to hold in my hands. But with SONGS in the title of my book and being able to get it on CDs -- that's just too good a promo op to pass up. And with so many new developments in the world of e-books and big publishers jumping on board, I think this is going to be an exciting market!

Great idea about having a tote bag for Brenda's auction. I'm going to make a tote bag for myself with my cover, but hadn't thought beyond that to use it for promotion. Brenda's auction is a great cause and has raised a lot of money for diabetes research. She also just a darn nice person. Her Web site is if anyone wants to scope out the auction items and be first in line to bid on Paty's tote bag of goodies! :)

I'm looking forward to the next Halsey brother book in June! Do you do promotion twice when your e-book and the print version are six months apart? Of course, you're building a nice backlist that you can promote with your monthly contests and other promo.

"That's about it for me at the moment..." I'm so impressed with all the promoting you have been doing, Paty! Online classes and presentations and booksignings and more! Wow!

Thanks, Eli! Yes, April 4 is really close. I'm going through the process, but it still doesn't seem real sometimes. And I probably won't sleep much on release date. Maybe doze an hour or two at my computer. LOL!

By the way, are you heading over the pass? If so, be careful! Or maybe you've already made it. Sending safe travel vibes to you!

Wow, Alice! I love your description of a book release! And with all of this fantastic kind of news among us, we can celebrate almost continually! But you didn't plug your March release, AVENGING ANGEL, which should still be on the shelves of any "with it" bookstore who keeps wonderful books in stock!

And while we're on the subject of your releases, we can look forward to THE LAWMAN'S SECRET SON in July and BODYGUARD FATHER in August. (Did I get those right?) You have had an incredible, jam-packed year with releases. All those horrendous deadlines have paid off!

And, yes, I plan to post the interviews and do the drawings "live" or half asleep, depending on how long I can sustain the rush of excitement. I figure I can collapse at the end of the day. And -0- lashes with anything for using the wrong verb tense! I swear there are gremlins who add typos and grammatical errors to our blog posts. :)

Karen, thanks so much for the well wishes! I took some of your promo suggestions to heart when you were doing the promotion newsletter. It was very helpful! And when you sell that wonderful, unique story idea you're working on, we can celebrate again!

Flo Moyer said...

About promoting--ditto what everyone said. I totally admire you for the every 4 hours posting. Whew! It sounds like a great promotional idea. And congratulations on the release of your first book. :-) May you have many more.

Writing accomplishments--uh, I am 203 pages into the second draft for my Apr 15th deadline, with more to come tonight (I work from about 3 to 5pm, then 9pm to about 2 am). Upcoming events--none. I'm terrible at promotion, but sometime later in the year, I hope to get some pens done to hand out with my pen name and web site on them.

You're doing great!

Genene said...

Thanks, Flo! I figure I'll have enough adrenaline going to keep me up most of the 4th!

Congrats on being at page 203 -- again! I go through about six drafts before my manuscripts are close to finished, adding a layer each time. How long is your book?

You and everyone else who writes on a deadline amaze me at how much you get done. Wow! It's nice to know I'm not the only one up at 2:00 a.m.!