Monday, February 11, 2008

Tell me the story

It's a brainstorming exercise! I know that's cheers, not groans I hear :) Here's the situation. Your character just won the lottery, $5 billion. Pretty amazing, eh? Tell me about what your character is going to do with the money. Are they going to buy a drink for everyone in town? Ten new cars? A condo in 10 countries? Give it to charity? Let's see what different ideas we can come up with.

My character is Meghan. She's a 32-year-old single woman, no kids. She bought the lottery ticket on a whim, she's far too jaded to be hopeful to win something like that. The money allows her to spoil herself, but unfortunately it brought an undesirable out of the woodwork. Her dad abandoned her when she was 6 years old. Old enough to feel his loss. He'd appeared time and again, only ever wanting things from her. Especially once her mom died of cancer 10 years ago.

This time her dad shows up asking for $2 million. He swears that he got into some gambling debt and his life is being threatened. That's a small chunk of her winnings, but is it worth bailing her dad out of trouble? He's been to jail several times for possesion and attempted murder. He's not a good guy. Should she let karma do its work, or save him demanding he never contact her again?

Tell me your story!


Alice Sharpe said...

Lisa, I hope your heroine has enough good sense to take the money her father wants and buy him a ticket to some faraway place and then give what's left of the two million (after buying the ticket) to a good cause.

My heroine? She lives in a run down little cottage and is currently putting her life and liberty on the line for a man she's known about five days. And his three year old daughter. I know, I know. And to top it off, she's just done something that is going to make this man wish he'd never met her.

I think money coming right now would be proof positive that money isn't everything and can't buy love or happiness. If she had the brains God gave a kumquat, she'd get him a good lawyer and wave bye-bye, but she is a serious romantic and thinks she's in love, so I think she would do the lawyer thing, incur the hero's wrath, and spend the rest of the money on children (setting aside a trust for this guy's daughter whom she adores. Well, she's know her for five days, after all! No, wait, make that three.)

Then she'd get a better place to live, pay off her car, start a little business baking cookies and made her second fortune (can you say Mrs. Fields?)

Fun!!!! Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa Pulliam said...

Oooh I love it! I'm fully intrigued, you gotta write the book!

Alice Sharpe said...

Write the book? Write the book? I AM writing the book. I know, that'll be the epilogue.


Paty Jager said...

Lisa, this is a tough one! I can't decide which character to do this exercise with. Hmmm.. Okay I'll go with both of them! LOL

My heroine is a nurse who works thirteen weeks at a time at different hospitals as an ER nurse. She has been celibate since high school, before that she was very permisucous due to the fact her father molested her at a young age and she thought that was the way to make the opposite sex like her. It was in high school during an occulational day at the high school she connected with someone who made her realize- her promicuity was due to her father and she stopped dating, and decided not to have a family or bring any children into a world that could have grownups treat their own in such a way. As an ER nurse she sees case after case that tears at her heart. She takes one month a year and helps with a large fundraiser for sexually abuse children. If she won the lottery, you can bet all her money would go toward ridding the world of child molesters.

Now the hero, a bareback bronc rider, becomes connected to the heroine through the fundraiser as it is his pet tax deduction since his sister committed suicide after thier stepfather molested her. But he wouldn't give the lottery funds away. He'd come up with a way to make the money bring in funds on a yearly basis and his focus wouldn't be on rehabilitating the molesters, it would be on castrating them.

Thanks for the fun look at my characters!

Poor excuse for a writer said...

Okay, geez I knew my hands weren't working well today, but really! My spelling was atrocious due to lack of dexterity. I apologize. If you have questions about what I said, please ask! I'm going back to working on revisions where I don't hit send before I really look it over!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Fun post, Lisa!

Okay, let's see...since my heroine's whole world has just been thrown for a loop, she'd probably not care much about the money. Since she knows she's dying, she'd most likely donate it to the colony of misfits she's just discovered exists (yeah, this is the greek myth para book. LOL)

Lisa Pulliam said...

Fun posts ladies! You're characters sound very interesting :) Lmao "poor excuse for a writer", you crack me up.