Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A look back . . . .

In the next few days, a slew of writing-resolution posts will litter the blogosphere. Challenges, goals, and motivational pushes to make this THE year for you will abound, and I'm sure some of my fellow bloggers have some of these in store for you.

So, I'd like to do something a little different. I'd like to look at some of our chapter highlights from the last year, and I'd like you to contribute your high-points as well.

  • Eli becomes chapter president! Filling the shoes of a dynamo like Paty Jager isn't an easy task, and this is a critical point for our chapter. Some members are moving on, old members are finding their way back, and new members are joining us. Transitions are hard on any group, and a change in leadership is often where a chapter either withers or perseveres to survive. Under Eli, our chapter will thrive. I can't think of a better person to take the helm and lead us in a new direction.
  • Finalists pile up! Eli finaled in the Golden Heart, Terry McLaughlin finaled in the Rita, Barb Cool Lee finaled in a whole slew of contests, Paty Jager and Chris Young finaled in the Eppies. . . Each time I saw one of our chapter members on a finalist list, I swelled with pride. We're a small chapter with a BIG presence, and our chapter members are so talented.
  • Genene presents her "Once Upon . . ." plotting talk. All of our speakers this year were terrific, but Genene's back-to-basics way of simplifying plot into a fairytale pushed me to find the core of my WIP, and the brainstorming session helped me see some critical weak points.
  • Critique meeting breakthroughs. Similarly, our critique meetings are always fun, and our 2007 critique meetings were exceptionally spirited. I enjoyed the forays into Paty's, Eli's, Jen's, and Alice's works. I love watching other's creative processes at work.
  • Blog moves forward! Our blog really took off this year, and there have been too many great posts to list, but feel free to revisit your favorites in the comments. Eli's challenge motivated us, Danita got us thinking about hooks in new ways, Alice motivates us, Paty and Piper educate us, and Lisa makes us laugh. Our audience grew, and we expanded our focus. I know To-Do Tuesdays has been on hiatus lately, but doing my Tuesday blog helped me feel productive and involved.
Now, we had a phenomenal year in 2007. What were your favorite moments? Who made a difference to the chapter? Did you have other RWA highlights this year (conference, awards, workshops, etc)? SHARE!! And Happy New Year!


Karen Duvall said...

Great blog, Wavy! 8^)

Let's see, the chapter highlight for me has to be the June retreat at Elk Lake since that's the only chapter event I was able to participate in, LOL! But I used that time for final edits to my novella that became a bestseller on The Wild Rose Press website.

On a personal note, I finished my urban fantasy novel yesterday, which capped off the year for me. The new goal for 2008 is to get an agent, and hopefully a publisher like Ace or Del Rey.

Alice Sharpe said...

Karen -- You are so present on the blog that I forget I haven't seen you in over a year. I guess for me that's one of the hi-lights, the way this blog keeps us connected.

So thanks, EBOL, aka Eli. And thanks Wavy for your To Do Tuesdays.

What I treasure most about our group is simple -- it's the members, the relationships, the friendships.

And I think you're right, that Eli and Lisa will take the group in wonderful new directions and keep it all exciting though the more we all participate, the better it will be. I have a lot of nerve saying this as being involved with groups has never been my strong suit, so I will quietly exit, stage left...

Paty Jager said...

The blogger doesn't like me today- it keeps dumping what I comment!

1) I'm glad Eli and Lisa are the pres and v.pres of the chapter. Their excitement and ideas will propel the chapter forward. And hopefully give people a boost to step up and help make all the great things happen.

2) Lori writing all those words for NaNoWriMo- Awesome!

3) All the people in the chapter who finished projects and worked on their WIPs. Forward momentum is always good!

4)Informative, fun blogs!

5) Eli's challenge even though I was terrible at it.

Congrats, Karen on finishing your UF.
Alice, fantastic you pushed that book out the door.

Danita Cahill said...

You're right, Wavy, we do have a rockin' chapter. It makes me proud to be a part of it too, and I'm hoping some of the talent rubs off on me.

I also agree that Eli and Lisa should lead us gracefully into the new year. Not an easy feat after the organization queens, Genene then Paty.

As for those who should be recognized, I would have to say Paty shines. Her dedication to drive over the often snow-covered mountain pass month after month to fullfill her obligations as pres and to hang out with us is truly amazing. Thanks again, Paty!

And Genene, all your hard work to get our chapter website up and running hasn't gone unnoticed either. Thank you.

Karen yes, Elk Lake was beautiful. I got through the second -- or was it third? -- draft of my wip while we were retreating there. Now if I can just finish wading through the third -- or is it fourth -- draft, I will actually be finished with it. Congrats on finishing your book, that's fantastic. Is this first draft or final?

Danita Cahill said...

PS what I get most out of our chapter is the comraderie, like Alice said. The friendships, the encouragement and hanging out with like-minded people who get me is all wonderful.