Thursday, January 17, 2008


Dang it! Blog day and I'm late again. Sigh. I was late to our meeting last Tuesday also and missed the speaker's presentation, which people in attendance said was a great one! Now, I could digress here into several different topics, including changing habits we don't like about ourselves (for me, running late).

However, I won't. What I really want to talk about is what do we get from our RWA chapter. My apologies, Bethany, if I'm stepping on your Tuesday toes.

I'm really jazzed about all the events our chapter has planned. Among them are:

-- The beach retreat in February. I didn't make it to either of the retreats last year, so maybe that's why I've been looking forward to this one for months. I have two manuscripts that need to be edited. I figure I can get through the cleanest one while at the retreat and maybe get started on the second one.

-- A Saturday viewing in April of the Hauge/Vogler workshop that was presented at Nationals last year -- A freebie bonus for our chapter members. Christopher Vogler's book, The Writers Journey, was filled with "aha!" moments for me, so I'm really looking forward to this.

-- The fall query letter/synopsis contest with the awesome prize of registration for National Conference in 2009 (approximately $425). What a fantastic prize! However, I probably won't enter because I don't plan to go to National next year. Now if it was this year, I'd be writing my synopsis already. :) Guess this will be a time for me to give back to the chapter by volunteering to help judge.

-- A workshop with Mary Buckham this fall. For those of you who have not taken a class from her, she is fantastic! I took one of her online classes and loved it. Those who went to Portland to see her last year also gave her rave reviews. This is something to look forward when the wind and rain are beating down on us again.

-- A great line-up of meeting speakers and a cool new place to meet. I wasn't sure about our new meeting place. The library was so close to my house and my Jeep knew the way automatically. However, I walked into this place and immediately felt comfortable. Inside this inviting place they have arranged a variety of seating areas with couches and comfy chairs. Several small groups of people were meeting or individuals were accessing the Internet via their computers. Very casual. No feeling that you had to hurry up and leave. It was like walking into a friend's house and making yourself comfortable. And the Blue Pepper is even closer to my house!

So, what do I get from our chapter? Obviously, the positive energy and enthusiasm of others who are pursuing their writing. Knowledge and new ways to dig deeper into my writing. Time to write, the support of other writers, cheerleaders, people to bounce ideas off -- just to name a few benefits.

How about you? What benefits do you get from our chapter? How about those of you who live at a distance? The Blue Pepper has Internet access and a fairly big screen. Maybe someday we can patch in our long-distance members and you can be at the meeting with us! (Not to add anything more to your already full plate, Eli!)


Paty Jager said...

Ohh... Genene, I like the the idea of internet to do a meeting! My new laptop has a camera on it.

I wish I could have been at this month's meeting- it sounded like an excellent topic to kick off the year. As you know by now, I trudge over the mountain every month because of the enthusiasm and energy I get from being a part of this chapter.

There has always been some great speakers, workshops, and conferences and this year looks even better!

With all the great comments about The Blue Pepper, I'm excited to attend next month's meeting.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Aw, Genene, you're like our own personal cheerleader. How cool!

Thanks for highlighting the upcoming events for the chapter. Lisa gets a lot of credit for scheduling so many of our great upcoming speakers. She's really worked her tushie off, and I'm so glad to be working with her. I only have one correction to your list - the grand prize for the synopsis/query letter contest will be the registration fee for the '09 National Convention (roughly $425 depending on what they registration fee is for '09), not the full $1500 - though that would be an awesome prize too! LOL.

I'm sorry you were late to the meeting as well, but I'm glad you made it at least for the second half. And I'm thrilled people enjoyed the Blue Pepper. I hadn't been there before our meeting, but I knew it was going to be great based on how my husband kept going on and on about it. As for the satellite/internet's definitely something we can think about and look into. When I was in grad school we had several "satellite" campuses around the state and during our evening meetings, people would be online (and on the screen when the camera zoomed in on them). It was a unique way to have a class.

As for what I get from the chapter - the same things as you. Mostly I just like being around with other writers who "get" what I'm going through.

Great post!

Alice Sharpe said...

Tha's what's the best -- the people and the kindred spirit aspect. That's what matters most to me and I get it even when I can't come to the meetings because of all the other dandy connections we have. Blog, loop, website, etc...

I can't wait to check out the Blue Pepper. And the grand prize for the synopsis/query letter contest seems very generous at $425.

Neat blog, Genene.

Lori Barber said...

There is something so satisfying when you share your heart with others who share your same passion. I come away from our meetings enthusiastic, energized and excited to write, write, write. Thanks goes to all of our fantastic members and their wonderful encouragement.


Genene said...

Eli, so sorry about the goof on the prize for the contest. That was a big enough goof that I went back and edited the blog. And it actually worked!

Paty, I've been wanting a laptop, but not sure I want one with a camera on it. There's that double-chin thing I struggle with!

Thanks for your comments, ladies, and your positive energy!

Karen Duvall said...

Oh, yay, there was a blog post yesterday! 8^) I just now saw it.

Since I'm a long distance member, I have to say it's the commradery that's most beneficial to me. Just belonging to a group of like minded people with a passion for writing books and getting published. What could be better? Since I can't make it to the monthly meetings, I'm glad we have the retreats for some face-to-face time with my best buds!

The contest sounds like a winner. Count me in as a judge.

Ooh, I like the online satellite idea. I know there's a program called "Skype" that allows read time viewing between computers over the internet. That would be so fun!

Karen Duvall said...

I meant "real time" viewing, not read time. Read time? What the heck would that mean... grumble... grumble

Danita Cahill said...

Yep, for me too it's the members that make the group the best for me -- the friendships, the companionship, the hand-holding when I need it, the advice or kick in the butt when I need that. I used to belong to another writing group in Albany, but didn't get near as much out of it.