Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I think this is the day no one is scheduled to use... if I am wrong, please forgive me and post your blog, mine can sink lower on the list!

I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday whom I hadn't spoken to for over fifteen years. I heard word of her occasionally, but yesterday was the first time that we actually spoke. She's a writer, too. At one time, she and I and our mutual friend had a critique group. She was writing a children's fictional book about abuse, an issue close to her heart. I was writing a children's book as well, a mystery (surprise). At one point, she said, "I wish I could write like you," which stunned me as she was by far the superior writer. Then she explained that she wished she had a commercial voice but it went further than that as what she was also wishing she was more intrigued by fictional stories without a deep message as they are more commercial.

So yesterday we caught up. During these fifteen years, we both faced a major health concern. She got her dire diagnosis when she had just gone to contract on another book, this one a compilation of child abuse survivors' stories, something different than what was available on the market. She made her deadline and is currently plotting her next project. Meanwhile, she's been very active in a non-profit organization for cancer survivors, again, one with a unique twist.

During this same fifteen years, I have sold eighteen books. Not one of them dealt with any of the issues I had experienced relating to health nor did they provide anything but entertainment to my readers. As we compared notes, she admitted feeling a tinge of envy over what I had accomplished, and believe you me, as she spoke of the letters written by young women from all over the world who have found comfort and strength and peace because of her books, I felt envy, too.

But in the end, I guess we are who we are. How about you? Are you doing with your books what you had hoped to do or what you desire still to do? If not, do you have any plans to shake things up?

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