Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fill In Wednesday

I think this is the day no one writes on (Becky's old Wednesday. Don't we miss her blogs, by the way? Sigh...)

So, we might as well check-in and chat, I mean since we're all sitting here at the keyboard anyway, right? Right?

I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday whom I hadn't spoken to for over fifteen years. I heard word of her occassionally, but yesterday was the first time that we actually spoke. She's a writer, too. At one time, she and I and our mutual friend had a critique group. She was writing a children's book about abuse, an issue close to her heart. I was writing a children's book as well. At one point, she said, "I wish I could write do." which stunned me as she was by far the superior writer. Then she explained that she wished she had a commercial voice.

So yesterday we caught up.

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