Sunday, January 13, 2008


My dh took this photo a year or two ago off the Northern California coast. We're like the pelicans, right? Winging our way to success, drawing strength from others making the same journey?

Anyway, I thought we could use the blog to check in on where we are with our specialized challenges! This will be an opportunity for us each to know who's doing what and who wants to accomplish what. Accountability sometimes keeps us on track, right?

We all heard from Chris Young that she's been writing up a storm. I'd be interested in hearing what her deadline is. Paty emailed from Alaska where she was writing 50 gazillion pages a minute in the middle of the night while listening to a PA system. Can you say "Overachiever?" And Karen is in a cave somewhere. How's it going in there, Karen?

Some people haven't started their challenges yet as they had other obligations or health issues to work out first. And some, at least one and that would be me, are plugging away slowly but surely.

So who are you, where are you at, what is your deadline (self imposed or otherwise, it doesn't matter.)

I'll account for myself on the blog!

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