Monday, December 17, 2007

Writing reference books

Sorry I'm late! Still no computer at work (grrrr) and the work network/internet won't work on my personal laptop. Getting to the internet is a bit tough at the moment. I miss it!

I've been thinking a lot about nonfiction books lately. I'm on a bit of a book-buying kick. Used books ( and specifically - GREAT prices). I've bought a number of archaeology, anthropology, human osteology, etc books. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Anyhoo - it got me thinking about the writing nonfiction and reference books I have. I've read bits and pieces of a number of them, and a couple of them have been read through once. One of those is Deb Dixon's "Goal, Motivation and Conflict."

She's giving a workshop in Portland next month, sponsored by our sister chapter to the north - Rose City RWA. I'm going to that workshop, which means I really should give Deb's book another read. It made sense the first time through, but it didn't quite sink in. I don't think I was in the right mindset and place in my writing for it to be as beneficial as it could for me.

But I know that book is a popular one for many writers. I've also heard great things about "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers." I haven't read it all myself, I suppose I need to finish a book to edit first :)

What are some writing books that have helped you out a lot? What are some that you thought looked great, but didn't turn out as helpful as you had hoped?

Well my time is up - coworker is back from lunch and wants her computer back :) Time to go back to studying the bones of the human body. Hopefully I'll get a computer today or tomorrow (I haven't had one for A WEEK!!!) so I can return e-mail, I'm sure I have a few unanswered. Sorry!


Danita Cahill said...

No computer for a week? You poor thing. That would suck.

As far as writing books, I have the one you mentioned, and like it. I've read a ton of craft books. One of my current favorites is Stephen King's "On Writing". I just reread the craft section last week for about the 4th time. The book is part memoir, part craft, all inspiring.

Karen Duvall said...

My all time favoriet craft book is Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass. Maass is my hero. 8^)

Alice Sharpe said...

I've enjoyed the Hero's Journey by Vogler. I've never read too many writing books.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I liked Writing The Breakout Novel, too. I also liked "Be Your Own Literary Agent" also, I think, by Maass. Not that I would want to BE my own literary agent, but it explained a lot about the business side of writing that I'm clueless about.

I picked up Forensics For Dummies this summer in Dallas but haven't had time to read much past the first chapter.