Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In Honor Of Ditty Day

How about a warm up exercise to get us in the mood for cranking out those ditties? Remember, the white elephant ditty is optional, but c'mon...we're writers. I'm sure you can come up with something.

Just for fun, let's do a practice one here. I'll start it, you add to it in the comments. Let's see where this baby goes...


A MWV Writer's Christmas Ditty

'Twas the night before the big
Mid-Willamette Valley bash,
When all through the Internet
Writers were tossing words out like trash.

The white-elephant gifts were chosen
And wrapped like big gems,
In the hopes that no one would notice,
What crappy gifts lay within.

(your turn)


Alice Sharpe said...

When what to their wondering eyes did appear
but a giant white bunny with fuzzy pink ears.
"Wrong holiday!" said the writer's
as they glared at the hare
who nibbled and munched as
he returned their stare.
At last he hopped forward and wiggled his nose
as he proceeded to wow them
with bunny-like prose:
"If you can wrap crap with nary a pause,
Then you get the bunny instead of the Claus.!"

Alice Sharpe said...

The next to appear
was an elf with a sneeze,
then two witches with cauldrons and a
cupid with fleas.
The room was a mess
with writers so stung
they began chanting "rewrite!"
at the top of their lungs.

(just giving the next person a way out of the Easter Bunny thing...)

Karen Duvall said...

I'd play, you guys, but I have a nasty HEAD COLD and my brain is like sludge pouring out of my ears. Very mess. Can't think, can't write, but I CAN watch lots of tv.

Alice Sharpe said...

Karen, Ack! Then I expect a report on what you think of the Top Model winner and the happenings on Runway Wink, wink,,,

Lisa Pulliam said...

Hahaha! These are great!!

Paty Jager said...

Lisa pulled out a laptop in pink,
And everyone shouted, "My ditty does stink!"

But the princess in pink was clever and shrewd,
She whipped up a WIP that vanished the non-Christmas crew,

Genene said...

Very creative, ladies!

However, the clock has struck midnight, and no Santa in sight. My dogs are throwing up and my hair is a fright. I'm tired and cranky and just want to say goodnight.

(And thanks for the inspiration for my ditty and white elephant gift. Hehe!)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Love these! Thanks for playing, ladies!