Friday, December 14, 2007

100 Day Challenge

It came. It went. The 100 days are done.

How did we do? I checked my total this morning. I ended up with 92,784 words in the 100 days. 7,216 words short of my goal. I'd hoped to get there as of last night, but I had too much going on this week to sit and pound out those last few words. I'm hoping to make it up before the end of the year though. How did everyone else do?

And out of curiosity...anyone interested in doing the 100 day challenge again? I was thinking we could start after New Year's...maybe Jan 2nd? If you're interested, let me know. Oh! And I got this great new daily "quote" calendar which I'm thinking of posting daily to inspire those of you who join in. ;) Maybe I can even talk the officers into springing for some kind of nice (read, not cheesy) gift for each person who makes the 100,000 word goal at the end of the thing. Like a gift card or restaurant certificate or something?



Danita Cahill said...

Of course I wasn't doing the challenge, but I am still plugging away on final rewrites -- checking every word, sentence, puntuation. That.

Depending on where I'm at in the process, I may do some sort of psudo challenge with the rest of you in January, although again, mine would be linked to rewrites, not a brand new work.

As far as the officers pitching in for gifts? Call me thrifty (okay cheap, whatever) but if we hold out a golden-not-cheesy carrot for all the goal makers to eat, it could get quite spendy for we officers. Is this something the chapter could spring for instead? Or maybe the officers pitch in and buy one gift certificate and enter the names of all those who made goal into a raffle drawing for the one prize. What do the rest of you think?

Alice Sharpe said...

I think Eli was suggesting the officers make an executive decision to purchase the carrots, not collecting from individuals. I may be wrong and as I am not an officer, who cares what I think anyway ;-)

Meanwhile, I'll sign up because it's fun although I won't write nearly that many words. My books aren't that long and with a specific project and deadline in front of me, I need to go for something different than quantity. But I did like that feeling of being on a team and wouldn't mind the help getting through the next two and half months (rolls eyes and groans. Cats and dog scatter.)

So sign me up for the Alice Sharpe version of the 100 day challenge. Like Danita, I'm just modifying the parameters for myself!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Danita, no money out of your pocket...I was thinking of something the chapter would purchase for those who make the 100-day goal. (Notice this time no one made the goal.) So, Alice was right, just an executive decision from the officers as to whether they think it's a justifiable appropriation of funds or not (and it wouldn't be a lot of money, maybe a $10 gift card to Starbucks or something for those who meet the goal.)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

(Oh, and sorry to blog on your blog day. I thought I'd posted before you!)

Karen Duvall said...

I didn't make it to 100,000 words, just 57,000. Not quite done with the book, but lots closer. Since I'm also doing the Sven 70,000 word challenge, that's the one I'm shooting for. I have until Jan 15 to make it.

As far as gifts go, I'm luke warm about it. I think the best reward is saying "I did it!" when the challenge is over.

Paty Jager said...

I managed 38,469 words- way short- and now I feel compelled to get this thing done before the next challenge even starts!

But you can count me in. I will have something to write when the next challenge rolls around. And I'm not so sure you need to do anything more than put the winners name up on the blog as the winner. I mean if you think about it- everyone who did it this last time had their own ulterior motives. And the camaraderie as Alice said was the fuse.

Danita Cahill said...

Sorry I misunderstood, Eli. And no prob on the blogging over me. we were writing them at the same tiem and they sort of crossed in the mail, so to say. Besides, my post is pretty lame this week anyway.

I agree that making a personal goal is a great reward, but I also think a $10 gift certificate is a nice incentive to help push us along. I say let's do that. I'm out of the running for a prize since I may edit that many words, but know I won't write that many new ones.

Danita Cahill said...

Now Eli, get your little butt over to my blog post and make a comment.

Genene said...

Cyber-applause to all those who even embarked on the 100-day challenge! You may not have written as many words as you wanted to, but you still made awesome progress.

Since we're stretching and changing parameters to suit where we are in our WIPs, count me in (gulp!). I'll also be mostly editing and probably won't get started on Jan. 2. But I love to see the progress everyone is making.

Lisa Pulliam said...

I didn't make it - but I'm definitely up for doing another challenge starting the first of the year!