Thursday, November 08, 2007


How do you recharge?

The idea for this blog came after reading about Eli's birthday weekend, which sounded heavenly, by the way.

I spent a good part of last weekend cleaning the top layer of "stuff" in my house, which was also a way to re-charge for me. Though I do like my house to be clean, I don't usually enjoy the cleaning itself. However, this time it felt good for one main reason. I haven't had the time to do this for months and the clutter was closing in. So this session of house cleaning was symbolic of finishing several large projects and entering a period of less commitment to "stuff and things" in my life.

Then I started thinking about what else recharges me.

A couple mornings ago I stepped outside to let my dogs out and stood on the deck for a few minutes. Mist was hanging among trees vibrant with color. The air was chilly and fresh. It was a perfect fall morning and I felt wonderful! Was it any different than the other mornings when I shivered and hurried back inside? Or was my perspective simply different? Either way, I felt emotionally recharged.

When it comes to writing, workshops and conferences always leave me eager to get back to the keyboard. So does starting a new story. Those new ideas and new projects are ways to recharge.

What recharges you? A change of scenery away from your usual world? Perhaps reading a book, watching a movie, or spending a day spent being pampered? Conversely, maybe a day of hard physical activity recharges you.

Do any of you schedule time to recharge during the holidays or do you simply hope to survive? This holiday season I'm going to plan some relaxation and recharging time. Maybe I'll use some of your ideas!


Danita Cahill said...

Getting away recharges me. Sometimes even a long drive or walk will do it. A trip to another country is truly glorious, but that hasn't happened for awhile...Just anything to catch a different perspective and come back with fresh eyes and a new outlook on things.

Good for you for cleaning the "top layer" Genene.

PS I haven't dropped the website stuff, but I've got another wedding to "pitch" and have been getting my portfolio ready to meet with the couple this weekend.

Alice Sharpe said...

Genene -- Interesting topic. Like you, I am greatly recharged by a new idea. There is nothing more exciting than an idea for a story popping into your head, one you know will be good, one you can't wait to investigate.

Conferences didn't use to recharge me, but the last couple have and maybe that's because I've expected nothing from them. Hence, I looked for nothing but reacquainting with old friends and editors, etc. So what has refreshed me is friendship and shaking up the status quo, seeing new things, talking with people.

And cleaning something also recharges me, esp. if I am determined to plow through a mess. I think what it is is that cleaning or stacking firewood or washing a car are all chores with a beginning, middle and end. Writing a novel is such a long process. Meeting goals, writing a good scene, etc. are all satisfying, but tackling a finite job and then appreciating the results is immediate and makes me feel good.

Of course, a week or two on a warm beach wouldn't hurt, either...

Genene said...

Hey, Danita! So glad your photography is going well. Just call me when you're ready to get back to the Web site.

A trip to another country would really give a new perspective, wouldn't it? I haven't been out of the U.S. since I was in high school "a few years ago." LOL! I'll have to put that idea on my list for down the road a few years.

Alice, your comment about having a finite job really struck a chord with me. Something where you can quickly see the positive results. Not just writing a novel, but so many of the other things I do take a long time to come to fruition. And some things I may never see the results of, like channeling Reiki energy or brainstorming ideas.

But today I'll have lots of finite jobs! It's a day to do a bunch of little chores and set appointments that I haven't had time to get to for awhile.

Love the idea of a warm beach, too! Maybe I can make sure Danita's idea of travel to another country is one that has warm beaches!

Thanks for the comments, ladies!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Reading recharges me. As does getting away. ;) And like Alice said, being around like-minded people (writers!) who are excited about writing always recharges me.

Karen Duvall said...

Solving plot problems recharges me, lol! 8^) Or when something in the story comes together so perfectly it's like, I don't know, heaven sent? It's a special feeling.

I also get recharged when I hear of authors selling their first book. I'm so excited for them. As tough as this industry is, good things happen to writers all the time and that's very encouraging.

I get recharged when I read an interview or blog entry by an agent I'm eager to query, knowing I can't do so until the book is done. So that lights a fire under my butt. 8^)

Paty Jager said...

Researching recharges me, as well as being around other writers and drawing from their enthusiasm.

This is short. Have a sick daughter and granddaughter today. What fun! NOT!

Hope everyone else is getting lots of writing done! Hope to be back in full force by Monday. (all the company will be gone)

Genene said...

Hey, Eli! That's another vote for getting away with other writers. Guess we're all looking forward to the retreat in February -- though the Oregon coast at that time of year won't be warm beaches!

Karen, I like your examples! I discovered something interesting when I was editing my last manuscript. If I thought about one scene at a time, but didn't actually sit down at the computer to work on it for several hours, there was always some little detail that came out that made the scene deeper or more interesting or that tied in perfectly with the story. Perhaps not exactly what you were talking about, but it left me feeling kinda awed.

Cool that good news for other writers as well as interviews/blogs from agents recharges you also. Guess that spreads the positive energy around!

Paty, sorry to hear your daughter and granddaughter are sick. Thanks for taking the time to pop in and comment in spite of how hectic things must be at your house.

I like to research too, though I have to be careful not to spend so much time doing research that I end up with a dozen more ideas for stories and haven't made any progress on the current one! :)

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! Our February retreat days are going to be circled in red!