Thursday, November 22, 2007


To those who celebrate the day -- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I'm starting with an easy blog entry: what do you have to be thankful for? List the first five things that pop into your head. Here are mine and why:
1) Heat in my house -- because, man, it's cold tonight!
2) Neighbors -- because they rounded up my dogs when they escaped.
3) Doggies -- because I don't need so many blankets on cold nights!
4) Good food -- because I like to eat. (Thank goodness for Thanksgiving!)
5) Computers -- for instant communication with any number of people from around the entire world.

Now, to take a page from Donald Maass' book, toss out those five things and list five more things that you have to dig deeper for. (We are so blessed in this country that we may have to toss out the first ten or twenty before we get deeply into gratitude.)

OR, dig deeper into the reasons why you are grateful for those first five, which I did below.
1) Heat in my house -- because I actually have a house and, as the temperatures get colder, many homeless people must find shelter or risk frostbite, serious illness or even death from the cold weather.
2) Neighbors -- my dogs could have been lost or injured, or caused injury to someone rather than being safe back inside my house.
3) Doggies -- have been some of my wisest teachers in the lessons I have learned in this life. Each of my dogs reflects an aspect of my personality that I want to change.
4) Good food -- many people don't have food at all, yet I get to choose what I want for each meal.
5) Computers -- that instant communication allows me to stay in touch with friends who have moved out of town (or out of state), lets me research or find an opinion on pretty much any topic I'm interested in, gives me a chuckle or a warm fuzzy, helps me expand my perspective, lets me share my thoughts on this blog -- and much more!

How about you?


Paty Jager said...

Five things I'm thankful for:
1)My health
2)My Family
3)My friends
4)That my husband is a good provider
5)That I live in a country that is free

Paty Jager said...

Okay, the blogger ate the second comment with my deeper digging! Of the first five.

I'll think about something deeper.

Danita Cahill said...

Paty, where's your deeper post?

Okay, here's my first post:

Five things I'm thankful for:

1) My husband and kids

2) My extended family

3) Nature

4) Sunshine

5) Chocolate

Now to dig a little deeper into the above topics:

I'm thankful for my immediate family because they bring so much joy and enrichment to my life, keep me grounded, humble and supply endless entertainment.

I'm thankful for my extended family because even though it is always changing, ebbing and flowing, with cracks, rifts and mortor patches, my family also means love, ties, roots and history of who I am and where I came from.

I'm thankful for the beautiful autumn leaves, the bounty from my garden (the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner, and the pumpkins for decoration I grew in the garden) I'm thankful for flowers, the 3-point buck who so fearlessly walked up to me so I could photograph him and the birds at my feeders and who fill my birdhouses in the spring.

I'm thankful for the sunshine because I live in Oregon and it is a valuable commodidy here. It balances out the foggy, drippy long days of winter to have bright clear days like today and yesterday.

And chocolate. Need I say more? It is a comfort food, and they don't even like it in China.

Danita Cahill said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! We actually celebrated yesterday since DH had to work today, so with all the preparations -- cooking, cleaning and transferring the bakery pies from the boxes into glass pie pans so it looks as if I baked them, I have not had a chance to check into the blog this week. Since I can relax today, I am catching up now.

Alice and others, please look at yesterday's comments becaause I addressed replies to several of you. Sorry to be late.

And just FYI, the above pie pan trick really works, even though I left the storebought pies in their aluminum tins when I set them in the glass pie pans. My DD and my SIL both thought I'd baked the pasteries, even the marionberry pie with the beautiful lattice crust. Now, if I just wasn't so big-mouthed honest, I could have actually taken full credit for my pie-baking expertise....what is wrong with me? Ha!

Happy pie eating to you all.

Paty Jager said...

Okay, the food has been eaten, the kitchen is clean and the kids are on the plane...
Digging Deeper

1) My health- we lost my mother (during Thanksgiving) at a young age of 54. I feel blessed that so far in my life I have little to complain about health wise.

2)My Family- I feel blessed that I have a husband who is a friend and a lover and who believes in me. My daughters are my friends, my oldest son holds a special place in my heart and the youngest who has disowned us, still can make my heart ache. I have a sister in my sister in law and my brothers have always been my rocks.

3) My Friends- Those wonderful people I've met in person and on the internet through RWA. I have never had the friendship and bonds with others that I have with my RWA friends. They are there to build me up when I'm down, and cheer with me when I'm up. I can't think of a greater bond than sharing the love of writing.

4) That my husband is a good provider- because of his work ethic I've been allowed to stay home with the kids when they were younger and bond with them in a way I didn't have with my mother. I've enjoyed all the times we've shared together. His ability to bring in enough money to allow me to pursue my dream. I don't think I could ever repay him for that. He is a firm believer in following your dreams.
5) That I live in a country that is free- My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones to war, but if not for those people we would not have the freedoms we all take for granted. My father was in the Korean War and my son has been over to the Middle East. Because of them and millions of others we can write what we want and read what we want. And speak out against things without fear.
Thank you!

How's that Danita?

Thanks for a thought provoking blog, Genene!

Danita Cahill said...

That was very nice, Paty.

And yes, thanks Genene (and Donald) for making us reach inside deeper.

Genene said...

Wow! You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing, ladies.

And it baffled me to think they don't like chocolate in China. It's been years since I ate chocolate, but I still get a good craving for it now and then! How can you not like chocolate??

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Wonderful, girls. I'm glad you all had a great holiday. I'm too late to join in, so I'll just say ditto. ;)