Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fill In Wednesday

These are just for fun...


You Might Be A Writer If . . .
from www.SharonHink.coms

1. You stop random strangers to tell them about your plot ideas.
2. You believe that jail time is an appropriate punishment for misuse of the apostrophe.
3. You participate in four different online critique groups simultaneously
4. You wake in the middle of the night with a brilliant line of dialogue and get up to write it down.
5. People change tables in a restaurant because they notice you writing down their conversations word for word.
6. When you go grocery shopping, you notice things one of your characters would like – and put them in your cart.
7. You write a post-it note to one of your characters and leave it on the kitchen table to remind her of something she needs to do in her next chapter.
8. There is no such thing as a “quick trip” to a bookstore.
9. You wish Channel made a perfume with the scent of printer ink.
10. One minute you’re convinced that every word you write is dreck and the next minute you’re sure your manuscript has the makings of a best seller.
11. Your car is rear-ended and your first thought is what metaphor you would use to describe the sound.
12. You bring a notebook to your child’s piano recital and jot a scene while the other kids are playing.
13. You walk by the book aisle in Target and burst into tears because your heart has such a powerful yearning to see your stories on a book shelf one day.
14. A police car with sirens blaring drives into a scene you’re writing – and you didn't see it coming.
15. You get paid for telling people what the voices in your head are saying.


You Know You're a Professional Writer If...
by Donna M. Chavez, © 2003
Excerpted from The Professional Writer's Starter Kit

1. You know your words have value.
2. You have the grit to pit your work against someone else’s in a fierce marketplace.
3. You have enough self-discipline to write on a regular basis, not just when you feel like it.
4. You have the initiative to shamelessly promote your work and yourself as a writer.
5. You can be thick skinned when it comes to rejection.
6. You believe you can pay the rent by plying your craft.
7. Editors can rely on you to meet deadlines.
8. You simply can’t imagine any other way to make a living…except, of course, maybe flipping burgers on those inevitable bad days.
9. You are as much a businessperson as you are a writer (like it or not).
10. You get paid to write.


How many of these are true for you? Any that aren't?


Alice Sharpe said...

Those are fun, Eli, thanks. As for the second list, I get a check mark for all but these:

I'm no good at 4. I need to get better.

6.If I truly had to pay my rent, I would need to double my production which is doable. Not that I really want to do it! But I could.

9. Ack! I REALLY need to get better at this one. I did buy a CD at the bank yesterday with my writing money and that felt GOOD. But I need to understand the business better.

Okay, back to work!

Paty Jager said...

At the moment, I feel like a professional writer with all the writing and writing related things I'm doing and the hours I'm putting in. But I am definitely not reaping any rewards that make me feel like a professional writer! I'm hoping that day will come!

Great filler filling, Eli!

Danita Cahill said...

Numbers 4, 8, 10 and 14 on the first list are true for me. Most of the second list are true, except for number six, the pay the rent one. The only time I was able to make the mortgage payments with writing money was when I worked full time as a reporter.

Fun, Eli. I had the same idea with a list and a little exercise at the ready in case no one else posted.

Karen Duvall said...

Meh, a little from each list. I really like the idea of shopping for my characters and leaving them post-it notes, lol! I'm going to try it. And not a fan of printer's ink. Ugh! It reminds me too much of my first job.

I'm a pro who hardly gets paid a dime. I get paid more to write ad copy. However, my goal is to make a career of this someday, so I'm optimistic on the paying the rent point. But I suck as a business person, in spite of having my own business. What does that say about me? Ugh.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Danita, thanks for having something ready. Save it for your post day on Friday or for two weeks from now. :)

As for me and the list...

From the first list...#1 isn't me. I've never stopped a stranger and told them my plot ideas. LOL Like Karen, I'm not fond of the scent of printer ink, so #9 doesn't work for me. And (so far) I'm not getting paid to do this yet, so #15's a pipe dream for me at this point.

As for list two, all but #10 are true.