Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eli's Challenge

At the risk of irritating everyone, I'm posting again. It's Sunday. I just finished chapter three of the second book so this proposal is ready to go. 1471 words today. I'll read it through tomorrow just to make sure it makes sense and send it on Tuesday. Now it's time to try to get a thousand words back in the first book.

Is anyone out there keeping me company or are you all, once again, having an actual life?

Still have company, Paty? Are they leaving tomorrow?

Hi, Genene.

Yoo Hoo, she whose name graces our word count banner, what are you up to?



Karen Duvall said...

I didn't leave a comment on yesterday's challenge update, Alice, so I'll just leave it now.'

I was actually more productive on Friday than I was yesterday, and it was a work day. Go figure. Friday's count was 1421 and yesterday's count was only 525. Today I'm at 1300, which surprises me because I didn't think I'd written that much yet. I still have to do laundry and I really need to clean out the refrigerator. It's getting kind of gross.

I'm finally over the 40,000 word mark, which is just about the middle, and I'm a bit concerned because I've written a lot of dialogue for the past couple of chapters. I had an intense action scene, then lots of new info cropped up as secrets began revealing themselves. No one's sitting in a coffee shop or in a car jabbering away (zzzzz), but quite a bit of backstory is popping up through dialogue because it's directly connected to current events and holds sway on what happens next. But I'm in serious self-doubt mode because the conversations are so heavy.

Alice, am I thinking too much again? Aaargh!!! (smacks self upside the head)

Alice Sharpe said...

Alice, am I thinking too much again? Aaargh!!! (smacks self upside the head)

Yes. I think you are! Go with it. You'll add more action later if you need too. besides, readers love dialogue and it never gets boring, does it? Later on, you can reread and if it seems too much you'll fix it. And sometimes, when this happens to me, I realize I am actually explaining a lot of stuff to myself and it can be thinned out in rewrites or incorporated later into other scenes. I.e. a chapter or two from now, you may be writing along and start a dialogue and realize the dialogue from two chapters ago could be better served happening here.

Don't worry about it now, silly girl.

Btw, I went back to fix the scene I had just written and the word count went up to 2016. I like the new version better.

Way to go, thanks for keeping me company!

Karen Duvall said...

Thanks, Alice, for your vote of confidence. I need it! I know you're right. I do tend to think things through via character dialogue, and some secrets they reveal now may be best left for later. I'll know when I get to that point.

Dialogue really is easiest to write for me, so it helps get me through the draft.

I'm happy to keep you company today! Though my fridge is still suffering, awaiting my attention. 8^)

Alice Sharpe said...

Karen, I happen to know from vast experience that a dirty refrigerator --like dishes and all the rest -- doesn't go anywhere. It'll still be there tomorrow.

Danita Cahill said...

Hi all,
no word count for me this weekend. Unless you count the text tags I added to my wedding portfolio earlier today. You know, things like "The Rings" and "The Kiss". Choosing and printing off a bazillion photos from 3 wedding shoots and getting them in a photo binder has been top priority the past week since I met with prospective clients yesterday. And yay, they're going with me for their August wedding!! They seem like a nice young couple.

So, now it's four in the morning. I can't sleep so I'm up drinking hot cocoa, checking emails and thinking about working through somemore of my book as I listen to the wind scoot the leaves along the deck.

And wow, Alice, way to hit your deadline. I'd be in panic mode as I tend to always scoot right under the wire. I was still working on the portfolio today until the moment I headed out the door to meet the clients. I told my DH, it reminded me of writing for the paper and meeting the morning deadline. Frantic. Rushed. But you gotta do it each and every day.

Danita Cahill said...

Is Eli sick with a cold again? We've all had head colds around here all week. On the mend now.

Genene said...

Hooray, Alice, on your word count! You are smokin'!

And congrats, Karen, on hitting the halfway mark. That's a great accomplishment.

Danita, congratulations on the new photo job! So glad that career is doing so well for you.

I worked on my Author's Information Questionnaire over the weekend (bio, blurbs from and about the first release). I'll get that finished and e-mailed to my publisher later this week. Still cleaning and organizing too!

Anonymous said...

OK, blogger doesn't seem to like me today.

I just tried to send congratulations to Alice, Paty and Danita and it kicked out an error. But maybe it will show up later!

Genene said...

That wasn't anonymous -- that was me! I don't think there's even a full moon tonight!